Science DIY Kits for Productive Engagement at Home

The fear of parents and educators 

When we talk of the competition and need of the present century, the first and foremost thing that comes to our mind as ideal parents and educators is the overall development of the child. Be it physical, cognitive, emotional or social development, we are always frantic and distressed to practice the correct approach. Outdoor play and sports definitely make a good schedule for the healthy physical development of the child. However, while at home, children are most prone to fix their eyes and fingers on the digital smart screens. This not harm their eyes, but have an adverse effect on their mental health and brain development. Cut – off from the societal circle is an added disadvantage of this activity.  

Cognitive development at the elementary stage

Considering the child’s cognitive development in the elementary age of 7 to 13 years, researchers have shown that children are able to make logical depictions of incidences and happenings. However, they still find it difficult to understand the fundamental concepts and abstract phenomenon. To ease out this understanding and to lower the difficulty level, it is proved that usage of material resources, experimentation, and correlation with the real-life incidences works better. 

Tinkerly to the Rescue

Dear parents, teachers, and educators, no more worries now! The innovative Edtech firm Tinkerly is here for your rescue by introducing the Science DIY kits that serve the dual purpose. It not only satisfies the entertainment factor for children of age 8+ but also gives relief to us as a parent and educator by confirming the child’s cognitive development.

These science kits are specially designed for children with an age group of 8+ years. At the initial stage, Tinkerly provides 5 innovative science DIY kits for children to play with at home and understand the basic fundamentals of Science. These kits include all the necessary equipment and safety tools that ensure safe play with fun. Though parental guidance and supervision are appreciated. These educational toys for children not only will make their play interesting but also help them to develop an interest in academics. The most challenging problem for children playing games on mobile phones at home will definitely be solved with such toys.     

You can easily purchase these kits online from Flipkart and Amazon and surprise your child with the best gift on his/ her birthday. 

Following are the Science kits available from Tinkerly:

  1. The White mystery of Colors – Additive versus Subtractive color mixing
  2. Water boiling in Syringe – Practical demonstration of the relation between pressure and temperature and water can be boiled at 50 degree Celsius  
  3. Am I Solid or Liquid – Challenge Newton’s law by this fun and easy DIY experiment
  4. Nuts and Winters – Discover the energy in Nuts
  5. The Magic of attracting Matchstick – “Burnt matchstick can attract to magnets” Watch in this science DIY kit

Major benefits of DIY kits by Tinkerly

Considering the 21st century, these Science kits by Tinkerly are designed to inculcate a complete and profound skill package. Along with cognitive development, you can count on lots of benefits these science DIY kits provide to you and your children. 

  1. Productive engagement – Instead of watching cartoons the whole day on TV or mobile phone, you can help your child get engaged in some productive fun-filled activity. By performing the experiment, the child will be physically active and much happier by playing with new toys. 
  2. Increase confidence – Performing the activity successfully will also help the child to develop a sense of satisfaction and pride of achievement. This definitely boosts up the child’s confidence level.
  3. Research minded – It is obvious that the child will develop an acumen for research and experimentation by investing his/ her childhood in such games. Understanding a concept by actually performing it will create an interest in experimenting with things and finding results by self. 
  4. STEM skills – “Science can be so much fun to learn” will be the first learning from this kit game. This will develop liking among your children for science and engineering subjects. It will create a passion for the STEM subjects early from their childhood. Thus, shaping their minds and hearts right from the beginning. 
  5. Soft skill and language development – It also helps kids to develop skills like creativity, problem-solving and enhanced reasoning power. It also helps to develop their language development and help them have a better understanding and usage of words. 
  6. Imagination power – It also empowers their observation skills and shape their minds to be more imaginative by improving their visualization skills. This, in turn, open up their creative and innovative side.      

With all such benefits and much more on the way, you can help your child to have a fruitful childhood that will play an important role in shaping a better human for this digital technological world.

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