Let’s Tinker App

To become a logical thinker and problem solver.

Tinkering Kit

Do-it-yourself science kits for children designed to enhance creative, practical and analytical intelligence.

Atal Tinkering Lab

A complete end to end solution for schools which consists of lab setup, content & many more.

Innovation Lab

A complete experiential classroom learning solution for schools to make visualization easier for complex theoretical concepts.

Transforming schools for STEM experiences

Widening skills and opportunity gaps in STEM. We help schools to transform their education methodology into practical learning modules.

Tinkerly’s Initiatives to Fight Against COVID19



Tinkerly partners with schools to transform their classrooms into 21st century STEM learning labs. We aim at making STEM learning easy with the help of Tinkering Lab, Innovation Lab, STEM Kits, Let’s Tinker Mobile App and much more.

Tinkerly provide a complete STEM solution including year-long curriculum, teacher professional development, and all necessary materials and supplies.

Our Approach

360° Solution

For students, teachers, parents, and schools.

Equipments & Kits

Topic wise portable practical teaching kits.

Practice Sheets

Chapter wise HW, thus cementing the concepts.


Text and video demo for every tool.

Ponder Questions

10,000+ open ended high order thinking questions.

13 x 7 support

Support system via live chat, call or email.

Our Partners

Contact us to try a sample kit for your students.

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