16 Inventions In 1 minute

STEM Kit for Students of class 8-10 for building Robots, Electric motor cars, Doodle cars etc.

The Electric
Motors Catalyst

  • STEM kit for Students

    This stem kit is for students (8-12), teens and adults

  • ROBOTICS for kids

    This stem kit is for students (8-12), teens and adults

  • Kid Tested

    No training or additional part needed

  • Instruction Manual

    Concise instruction manual for kit assembly

  • 16 + Configurations

    16 different types of implementations

  • A perfect gift for your kid to master Problem Solving skills.

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  • Age Group

    Geared for 10+ age group

  • Specialized kits

    Specialized kits for real-life tinkering in the field of Automobile, Agritech, Biotech, Biomedical, Robotics etc.

  • 10+ Challenges

    Each kit comes with 10+ challenges inside related to application of electronics & IOT in the respective domain.

  • A perfect gift for your kid to master Problem Solving skills.

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Troot Kits

  • Age group

    Most Suitable for Children of 10+ years age group.

  • Basic Features

    India's First Artificial Intelligence learning toy, Packed with 8 Exciting AI-learning projects, Plug & Play functionality, Voice & Visual Recognition, Parental Dashboard, Design & Prototyping

  • Tech Specs

    Processor - Dual-core Xtensa® LX6 MCU Machine Learning- Custom Vision and NLP Connectivity -ESP 32 Bluetooth Services & Application Support: Android 5.0 +

  • Battery Life

    3-5 hours (depends on project)

DIY Kits

  • Age Group

    Most Suitable for Children of 8+ years age group.

  • Basic Features

    Do-it-yourself mode, Independent Learning-by-doing environment, Fun-learning activities based on scientific concepts, STEM learning in an interactive manner, Child-Friendly material is used.

  • Guidance & Support

    QR code is present on each Kit using which you can tune into Let's Tinker App for guidance & support.

  • A perfect gift for your kid to master Problem Solving skills.

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