Important Concepts Which Everyone Must be Aware of Before Learning Artificial Intelligence

Our modern technology is evolving rapidly on a regular basis. If we want to keep up with these technological advancements then we need to adapt to it quickly. The most innovative technology which is emerging currently is Artificial Intelligence which has been used in various fields and is impacting our life one way or the other. There is a very good future possibility with Artificial Intelligence and its usage is increasing exponentially. AI applications are helping us in improving our lives and making them more comfortable. Whether it is smart facial recognition or your personal assistants in your smartphones, Artificial Intelligence is becoming a part of our lives. 

Even the New Education Policy 2020 understands the importance of AI for kids and has integrated AI education at all levels. The students will get a chance to learn topics of Artificial intelligence, design thinking, big data analysis, and machine learning that will get integrated along with the undergraduate education so that it will help to train them and make them industry-ready professionals.

There is a scope of many future job opportunities in the AI field. If the students learn about the fundamentals of AI from an early age then they will easily be the potential candidates for future job opportunities in the AI field and make their parents proud by developing an AI-based system that solves a particular problem that will benefit the entire society. 

What are the Concepts which Everyone Must be Aware of Before Learning AI?

Given below are the important concepts which you need to be aware of before learning artificial intelligence:

1. Knowledge of Programming Language

The knowledge of programming languages such as Python, Java, C++ is very important in becoming proficient in Artificial Intelligence. With the help of using a programming language such as Python, you can create complex algorithms with ease. The most important language which you need to consider learning is Python. The reason is simple. The python is an ideal language for young coders due to its easily readable and concise syntax which is similar to writing the commands in the English language. Also, Python has various libraries that are specifically useful for AI and machine learning. For example, Tensorflow, Scikit-learn, etc. 

2. Good Knowledge of Mathematics

The students will need to have a deeper conceptual understanding of mathematics that is required in writing programs and algorithms for Artificial Intelligence. The students must have a basic understanding of maths concepts like linear algebra, calculus, probability, and Statistics.

3. Learn the Concept of Machine Learning

According to the Wikipedia definition of Machine Learning, it is a subset of AI which is basically the study of computer algorithms which improves automatically through experience. The Machine learning algorithm creates a mathematical model that is based on the sample data (training data) for making decisions without being explicitly programmed. 

Let’s understand the usage of Machine learning with a simple example.

Many students use Youtube for knowledge & entertainment purposes but if you have noticed the youtube gives recommendations for videos that you might want to watch next. This is done with the help of a machine learning algorithm that is trained with previously watched videos and then by using that information it builds and improves an algorithm as per your taste and gives recommendations on the basis of it. 

Machine learning algorithms are also used in applications of email filtering, computer vision, Space exploration, Robotics, Information extraction, etc. 

To know more about Machine learning, read this fascinating blog. 

4. Knowledge of Data Structure & Algorithms

In simple words, Data structure is an effective way of collecting and organizing data for the purpose of performing operations on these data. For example, suppose we have some data with the employee’s name “Rajan” and another data of age 34. 

Here – Rajan is a String Data type

34 is an integer data type. 

We can easily organize this data as Employee’s record and add the employee’s name and age in it. For example,

Now if we talk about Algorithms, It is defined as a finite set of step-by-step instructions that are written in order to accomplish a particular predefined task. An algorithm can be expressed in the form of pseudocode or with the help of a flow chart. 

For Example,

Basic Understanding of Data structures & Algorithms is very important when it comes to AI & ML. Machine learning is typically a mathematical field and thus requires the use of data structures to solve mathematical problems.

Data structure & Algorithms are useful in understanding the true nature of the particular problem at a deeper level. 

How Kids Can Learn the Concept of AI & ML in an Easy Manner?

Tinkerly has come up with a revolutionary product Troot which is India’s First Artificial Intelligence learning toy. This Troot product is specifically designed for the kids of 8+ years old so that they will be able to learn the concept of AI & ML in an easy & playful manner. The Troot kit consists of 8+ interactive projects which can be solved with the application of AI and building an amazing electronics prototype. Troot makes hands-on AI learning a reality.

FAQ for Troot

With the help of Troot, the students will learn about the fundamentals of AI in an easy and playful manner. The students will learn to build a prototype, train & integrate an AI model and get a chance to play with their own creation. They can build their own Machine learning systems and deploy them in the projects created by using Troot. This product consists of Plug & Play electronics, an android application for assistance, and a DIY activity Maker kit for the purpose of end-to-end experience of building multiple AI-based systems outside the classroom.

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We have discussed the important concepts which we need to be aware of before learning Artificial Intelligence. We also talked about how your child can learn AI & ML with the help of Troot- India’s First Artificial Intelligence Learning Toy. 

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