A world
Full of Intelligence

Shaped by kids
India’s First Artificial Intelligence learning toy

Stories that lead to
future breakthroughs

Solve problems and build this AI world

What Is

Not just another
Robotics Kit

Not a dumb thing you need to command

Let’s make it smarter

Not just another
Construction Kit

Not something you made and
left in the cupboard to be there.


It’s a build your own
AI Kit!

To help young minds to
train and play with their own
artificial intelligent creation!

it gets smarter with you

Bring TROOT to life

Choose and build your project

Train your machine learning model

Deploy your project


Plug and Play
Design and Prototyping
Custom Machine Learning
Voice and Visual Recognition
Parental Dashboard
Leaderboard & Statistics

Kit Contents

  • Claim Troot at 40% Discount
  • Fully Refundable
  • First 100 kits only (First come first serve)
  • No Question Asked
Pre-order now at just for ₹2000

Deliveries for troot will begin in July, 2020.

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Tech Specs

Dual-core Xtensa® LX6 MCU


Custom Vision and NLP

Machine Learning

5-pin JST connector


ESP 32 Bluetooth


  • Processor
    • Dual-core Xtensa® LX6 MCU
  • Connectivity
    • ESP 32 Bluetooth Module
  • Weight
    • 200 grams
  • Machine Learning
    • Custom Vision & Custom Natural Language Processing(NLP)
  • Prototyping
    • Re-usable 3ply corrugated DIY sheets | Rubber Bands
  • Dimension
    • Box - 382x283x82mm
      Modules - 66.5x66.5x14mm | 45x50.5x14mm
      Story Boards - 360x240X10mm
  • Accessories
    • MG90S Servo Motor | WS2812B LED strip | 30cm 5 pin JST Extension cable
  • Connection
    • 5-pin JST connectors
  • Services & Application
    • Android 5.0 +
  • Electronic Modules
    • Power – 5V | Matrix – 8x8 LED Dot Matrix |
      Proximity – VCNL3040 Laser Sensor | Brain - ESP32 with I2C
      and SPI Interface | I/O – 3 pin JST extensions
  • Battery
    • Rechargeable Battery | Micro USB Charging Cable. Lithium Ion 2200mAh
      Battery Life : 3-5 hours (depends on project) Charging Time : 1.5 hours


"This is an Insane Product."

Never seen anything like this. Awesome!!

Ishan Gupta

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