How Coding Can Prepare Young Minds For The Jobs Of Tomorrow?

The rapid advancement in technology is transforming jobs around the world. 

According to a report by the World Economic Forum, it is predicted that 65% of students who are entering primary school nowadays will ultimately end up working in unique job types that don’t even exist yet!

AI and Automation are changing the dynamics of jobs. A majority of jobs are becoming automated with the help of AI. These jobs require their employees to possess some sort of coding knowledge along with 21st-century skills.

Thus, it is very crucial for young minds to enhance their skills and adapt as per the demand. 

As per Mckinsey, Automation will displace between 400 and 800 million jobs by 2030, requiring as many as 375 million people to switch job categories entirely. To know more about the impact of AI and Automation on the job dynamics, watch this informative video down below:

Thus, it is quite clear from the video that there is a need to teach AI, Robotics, and IoT from an early age to students to help them secure good future job opportunities.

What Are The Benefits Of Learning How to Code From an Early age?

In order to prepare our young generation for the jobs of the future, it is very essential to give them exposure to coding. Listed down below are the advantages offered by coding to young minds:

1. Boosts 21st Century Skills

Gaining coding knowledge not only prepares you for a tech-oriented career but also will help you in all walks of life. While learning how to code, you will gain skills such as problem-solving, computational thinking, creative thinking, algorithmic thinking, and logical reasoning. All these skills are useful for you no matter which career path you will take.

Also since many monotonous jobs are getting replaced through automation, it is very fruitful for young minds to gain coding knowledge to secure these lucrative job opportunities. 

2. Get a Better Understanding Of The Technology

Many of us use various types of tech gadgets in our day-to-day lives. These tech gadgets make our lives better. By learning how these tech gadgets operate through coding you will better understand about their functionalities. If you have the Coding + Robotics knowledge then you can also improvise these tech gadgets as per your choice. You can add features to make it more useful with the power of your creativity and innovation.

For example, there is a robotics project of Line Following Robot, now you want it to make a beep sound whenever it touches an obstacle. To do so, you will need some electronic items such as sensors and coding+robotics knowledge and you can make this happen. This is just an example, there are many things you can do with your creativity and knowledge. 

3. Good Earning Potential

When you learn AI, IoT, and Robotics through hands-on coding you will stand a chance to get lucrative job opportunities. As per Glassdoor, the pay scale of an AI engineer is in the range of 21 lakhs to 24 lakhs per annum. Imagine how much it will be in a decade from now.

Also, students who want to pursue their career in the field of AI, IoT, and Robotics also stand a chance to work with world-class organizations like NASA, Google, ISRO, etc.

4. Amplify Problem Solving Skills

Coding makes young minds better problem-solvers. While coding, many times students come across a complex problem. In order to solve that problem, they need to break down the complex problem into small manageable parts by applying the method of decomposition. This way they will solve all the small problems one by one and solve the entire problem as a whole. Also, the students will observe that there are multiple alternative ways to solve a particular problem. This type of knowledge helps students when they are making a tangible next-gen project to solve a problem with ease. 

Summing Up!

Although AI is capable of creating a fully automated workforce in future jobs, still there is always a requirement of an employee who possesses the knowledge to create, handle, develop and deploy AI programs. Thus, there will always be a requirement for candidates who understand how AI technology works. If children learn about these technologies from an early age, then they will secure a good future job opportunity.

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