Why Should You Focus on Teaching Coding To Kids From An Early Age?

Do you know some studies suggest that brain development occurs mainly in the first 12 years of life?

Another study conducted at MIT suggested that exposure to Coding at an early age enhances the child’s cognitive development.

If children learn how to code from an early age, their brain’s natural tendency for logical thinking kicks up, and it will integrate the desired skill. 

This blog will discuss the benefits of learning how to code from an early age.

1. Competitive Advantage To Kids

When students gain coding skills from an early age, they will get a competitive edge over their peers. It will come in handy whenever they apply for internships and jobs. The hiring manager usually looks for candidates who possess valuable extra skills, e.g., Coding. This way, they can compare other candidates and streamline the entire hiring process.    

2. Coding Makes Children Better Decision Makers

Learning how to code teaches students problem-solving skills. For example, there is a big stone. The task is to take that big stone to the top of the mountain. To solve this problem, one must apply logic. It is practically impossible to pull that big rock while climbing the hill, so the most logical way to do it is to break the big rock into small pieces and take these small pieces one by one to the top of the mountain.    

3. Coding For Kids Enables Digital Literacy

In simple words, digital literacy is termed as a person’s ability to understand and interact with the tech in a meaningful way. Coding enables digital literacy among young minds. For example, students engage with smartphones on a daily basis. If they learn about its technology and inner workings, it will increase their knowledge base. They will understand how all the components work together to form a technology. When students gain this type of knowledge from an early age, there is a chance that they will also bring their innovative ideas to life.

4. Coding For Kids Induces Creativity

If we talk about Coding, it is a fundamentally creative process that starts from scratch and finishes with a tangible output. Creative thinking initiates with a curious mind. When a student writes a code, he uses his creativity to get the result. It helps them connect existing ideas with new solutions. Coding makes young minds creative thinkers of the future.

According to Mr. Sharad Bansal, Co-founder & CEO, Tinkerly:

Children doesn’t have to learn Coding or similar skills, but it’s worth tasting the flavor. Our goal is to create an environment where Coding is Love, not Fear; we created this play-based curriculum to unleash each child’s true potential.  

5. Better Career Prospects For Kids

Kids who learn how to code from an early age have the potential to build real-life innovative projects. They open doors to many lucrative job opportunities in AI, IoT, Robotics, etc. For example, by learning Coding from well-known tech companies like Tinkerly, the kids can secure their future. The unique thing about learning how to code with Tinkerly is that their coding course is fused with STEM kits which give perfect room for practical learning. 

Summing Up!

This blog has discussed the advantages of having Coding as an extra skill. We also discuss how it is the need of the hour to learn to code since we live in a technology-oriented world and how it will help our young generation.

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