MarsCat: The World’s First Robotics Bionic Pet Cat For Kids

Are you a cat person?

We have an amazing news for you.

Gone are the days when people adopted real cats; now is the time for a Robotic pet!

A robotics pet cat with a fully autonomous mode that can be your companion at home will keep you entertained.

What Is A MarsCat?

Elephant Robotics has developed the world’s first bionic pet cat, i.e., a robotic pet in fully autonomous mode. Using the powerful quad-core Raspberry PI, a user can program it according to its expectations. The MarsCat can act independently without any instructions.

MarsCat has six main characters, which can change according to its surroundings. The MarsCat personality types are as follows: Enthusiastic, lazy, social, shy, aloof, and energetic. The personality type that the MarsCat changed to depends on how the user pets her. For example, if you interact with the MarsCat more, it will shift its personality into an active mode.

What Kind Of Functions Can A MarsCat Perform?

You will be surprised to know that the MarsCat can perform various functions such as running, walking, sitting, and stretching. It can also express different kinds of emotions by using various gestures.

  1. Auto Charge: All you need to do is set up the charge station.
  2. Control with MarsApp: You can control your MarsCat with the help of using MarsApp. This app can also let you change its eye colors. It can accept your command and act accordingly.
  3. Create Your Applications Via Open Source design: Marscat enables you to create your own applications using the quad-core Raspberry Pi. By using your creativity, you can program MarsCat to do innovative things. Anyone can build their own function of MarsCat for education and commercial usage.

What Are The Features Of MarsCat?

MarsCat comes in 4 primary colors- grey, white, ginger, and black. It has six capacitive touch sensors that can sense physical touch. A 5MP camera is mounted in Marscat’s nose to provide it with a vision to see and interact with the environment. It has a battery life of 2 to 3 hours for frequent interaction and low usage; it can last approximately up to 5 hours.

When creativity meets with Technology, wonders are created!

If you own a creative mind and want to create your own inventions, you need to understand how technology works. To do so, you need to learn about the technologies and upskill your child from an early age. The earlier, the better.

Summing Up!

In this blog, we have discussed the world’s first bionic pet cat- MarsCat. We learned about its functionality, features, and tech specifications as well. Do you want to be a creator of beautiful inventions? Book a demo with us to start your invention journey today!

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