Tinkerly’s Weekend Delight Webinars To Look Out For

Are you looking for something that will inspire & motivate you during these tough times of the COVID-19 crisis?

Well, Good News for all of you!

Tinkerly has come up with 2 most innovative webinars that will not only de-stress your mind but also will make you self reflect your life decisions!

Given below are the 2 webinars which have been organized by Tinkerly last Weekend (Saturday & Sunday).

Webinar – Self Reflection with Archana Prashar

In this special webinar,  Archana Prashar who is a certified  Soft Skills Trainer & Certified counselor will talk about the following things:

1. The usefulness of Self Reflection in our lives and how we can grow and change by knowing ourselves. 

2. How to develop creative thinking skills

3.  encourage active engagement in work processes amidst COVID-19 crisis

4. How to stay active and motivated in our daily lives

5. How to spend your time and energy at the right place

Why Attend this Webinar?

Learning about the true power of self-reflection and knowing how by doing a personal analysis on yourself will help to align your life goals properly.

Who Can Attend this Webinar?

Anyone who wants to learn the art of self-reflection. No matter whether you are a student, teacher, or parent anyone can join this webinar.  

In case you missed this fascinating webinar on “Self Reflection with Archana Prashar” you can watch the recorded session down below:

Webinar – Self Reflection with Archana Prashar

Streamlining work deadlines through online tools and forced dedication in attending to family needs has been painful but at the same time freshly rewarding. So during Covid 19 we have reflected ourselves with an insight that Reopening life’s possibilities bring us to a crossroads of decisions in how we direct our time and energy.Webinar – Self Reflection with Archana Prashar Self Reflection – Know Yourself to Grow and ChangeThe adaptability we’ve gained at home over the past several months will forever change the way we work educate and communicate.

Posted by Tinkerly on Saturday, May 23, 2020

What will be the Benefits of Attending this Webinar?

This webinar is vital for everyone no matter which age group they belong to. With the help of participating in this webinar you will build emotional self-awareness. 

By doing a self-analysis on yourself you will gain a  better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, driving factors, distractions, etc. By knowing your weaknesses you will definitely find ways to improve them. 

The webinar has been conducted on 23 May 2020(Saturday) from 5:00 PM to 6:15 PM exclusively on Zoom & Facebook Live. 

A Sip of Hope & Chai with Shweta

In this Webinar, Shweta Padda who is an actress & creative producer will talk about Hope, Positive attitude, Positive approach towards life, hard work, optimism, and a bit about acting skills. 

What other Points are Covered in this Webinar?

1. How to deal with life during this quarantine period?

2. Tips to manage stress & anxiety during this COVID-19 crisis.

3. How to achieve your goals with proper planning & strategy?

Why Attend this Webinar?

This webinar will change your mood and fill you with new energy to deal with the stress and anxiety due to COVID-19 crisis. After attending this webinar you will develop a positive outlook towards life. 

In case you missed this fascinating webinar on “A Sip of Hope & Chai with Shweta” you can watch the recorded session down below:

A Sip of Hope & Chai with Shweta

A Sip of Hope & Chai withActress Shweta Padda (Love Aaj Kal Fame)Shweta Padda is an actress, producer, creative producer from small town Bhilai, Chattisgarh, India. She is known for Globally popular Indian Musical Theatre Mughal-e-azam and Umraojaan play. She also acted in feature films, short films and web series . She has won best actress awards in several films such as Kaagpanth. Her appearance in many cricket leagues as an anchor and digital ads and short films drew major praise . She is selective about her roles and for that matter she has won awards in few international film festivals.

Posted by Tinkerly on Sunday, May 24, 2020

What are the Benefits of this Webinar?

There are the following benefits that you get after attending this webinar.

1. You will have to learn about various stress-busting mantras.

2. You will understand the benefits of having a positive attitude towards life.

3. You will learn a few bits about acting. 

4. You will learn about different strategies using which you can achieve your goals.

This webinar has been conducted on 24th May 2020(Sunday) at 3:30 PM to 4:45 PM 

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