Most Useful Teaching-from-Home Tips that Every Educator Needs to Follow

Schools across the country are closed down to reduce the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. Due to this teachers and students are facing a lot of challenges. But thanks to the internet, they are combating this challenge with flying colors. 

With the help of using apps like Zoom and GoogleMeet teachers are carrying out video conferencing for their students so that the learning will not suffer. With the help of these video conferencing sessions the teachers will be in the loop about the progress of their students. 

What Type of Teaching From Home Preparations is the Most Necessary?

Before starting your video conferencing session make sure to take care of the following things beforehand:

1. Choose a perfect spot with adequate and proper lighting and a noise-free environment.

2. Check your internet connections 15 minutes before starting the online classes.

3. Make sure to keep everything necessary during the online classes within your reach such as Lecture notes, pen, charger, etc. 

4. Also keep website links and video file links in your notepad file ready so that you don’t have to waste time searching for it when the time comes to show it to students. 

5. Since you have to speak a lot while delivering the lecture thus don’t forget to put a glass of water beside you so that you can drink it when you feel thirsty in the middle of the lecture. 

What Can be Done to Spice Up Teaching from Home?

Given below are the factors using which teachers can make Teaching from home more engaging for their students

1. A Mixture of Fun+ Learning

In order to keep students hooked the teachers must teach in a certain way which is mixed with learning and a bit of humor so that the students don’t get bored and listen carefully with interest. A study+Fun is a good way to turn a boring lecture into an exciting one. You can use a combination of interactive materials like short informative videos that will give a sneak peek about the entire topic to the students.

For Example, Watch this demo course video which is a great combination of Fun+ Learning

2. Sharing Personal Learning Experiences

It is a known fact that every teacher is a student in the past. So you as a teacher can share your childhood learning experiences. It will help students to connect with you and understand you in a better way. You can share your learning techniques with your students. This way students will learn about new innovative techniques of learning. 

3. Teach Students Video Conferencing Etiquettes

Video conferencing is a new concept for students so they must be properly guided by their teacher about how they must need to present themselves over the video conference. Also it is the responsibility of the teacher to encourage students who feel shy or get nervous during video conference calls by having a one-on-one discussion with them after the video conference call. 

To know more about Video Conferencing Etiquette don’t forget to read our blog:  Every kid needs to follow these etiquettes during video conferencing

4. Make Sure to Record your Live stream Sessions

It is a wonderful practice to record your session. It will be helpful for the students who have missed your online session due to low internet connectivity or any other issue. 

Also keeping a recorded session saved will also be helpful to you to keep track of what points are covered and what points are yet to be covered. Also by re-watching the Recorded session some students who have a slow pace of learning can also benefit by watching the recorded video again and again till they fully understand the concept at their own pace.

5. Carry Out Group Discussions Among Students

Choose the topic and carry out a brief group discussion on that topic. But remember to monitor and keep it brief. You can have a group discussion about the topics which you have covered in the upcoming sessions.

For example, Suppose you taught about the topic “Gravitational Force” in your previous session so you can ask your students to discuss this topic that will let you know which students are paying proper attention in class and which are not. 

6.Separate Doubt-Solving Sessions

During weekends you can conduct doubt-solving sessions. There is a wonderful way of doing it. You can create a Google docs file named ” Doubts & Concerns” and share it with all the students. In this Google docs file the Kids will write their doubts at the end of every online class session. These doubts will be then discussed during weekends. This way the flow of the course also remains intact and the doubts and concerns are also being addressed separately.

7.Parental Involvement in Activities

You can plan such type of fun activities which requires parental involvement. By carrying out these types of activities parents will also be able to give their expertise and can track the progress of their young ones in an effective manner. It will also help parents to bond with their children and also offer a hand in delivering knowledge to their child.

8.Reward Outstanding Performers

You can reward students who are completing their assignments on time and are participating with full enthusiasm in group discussions. The reward can be anything from giving them the title of “Class Prefect” or giving them a one-time-only relaxation on the assignment’s deadline etc. With the help of rewards the students will be motivated to perform better.

9.Parent-Teacher Interaction

Just like in the school there is a parents-teacher meet likewise you can also conduct a parent-teacher meet online so that parents can know about their child’s progress. You can also offer some advice to parents whose kids are underperforming during the online classes so that they can make sure that their child will perform better in the upcoming classes. You can also send emails to parents who are too busy to discuss this one-on-one due to multiple responsibilities. This way the parents will stay in the loop about their child’s progress.

Thus, you have learned about some of the useful tips using which the teachers can spice-up the things a little bit to make Teaching -from-Home more exciting and fun!

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