Develop Innovative Skills for the future by Participating in Tinkerly’s Upcoming Courses

Tinkerly has come up with a set of exciting courses that will help you in making the most productive use of your spare time at your home. With the help of these courses, you will get a golden chance to get mentored by highly experienced faculty members. 

Let’s have a look at what Tinkerly has in store for the kids:

Eureka: Science With Water

Good News for all the Science Enthusiasts!

Discover the amazing opportunity of learning scientific concepts at the comfort of your home with the help of participating in the virtual laboratory. 

Target Age Group: This course is most suitable for Class 6th to 9th students

What type of science topics are covered in this course?

The students will get a chance to learn about scientific concepts such as Density, mass, weight, free fall, and Pressure in the most fun and interactive manner.

Watch this demo video to get a sneak peek about the Eureka: Science with Water course.

What is So Special About this Course?

This course is a short course that will have a quiz round and interactive assignments that will multiply the fun and enhance knowledge. The students will also get a golden chance to perform their own experiments in the virtual laboratory. 

Rapid Prototyping (3D Printing)

This exciting course will teach students about the advanced technology of Rapid Manufacturing(Prototyping) using which they will be able to learn and create their own parts with the help of this technology. 

Target Age Group: This course is most suitable for the students of 12+ years 

Who Can Benefit from this Course?

This course is designed for school students, teachers, and also the college students so that they will master key features of Rapid Manufacturing. 

Watch this demo video of Rapid Prototyping given down below:

What types of topics are covered in this course?

This course will cover the following topics given below:

1. How to create CAD data for 3D Printer

2.  Rapid Manufacturing 

3. In-depth knowledge about all types of 3D Printing technologies.

4. Slicer Software

5. 3D Printing

How Many Sessions are there in this Rapid Prototyping Course?

There are 4 sessions in the rapid prototyping course. These courses will be organized on alternate days.

Science of Electricity

This course will teach you about the basics of electricity in a fun and interactive manner.

Target Group: Most beneficial for the students in classes 6th -10th.

What Type of Topics will get Covered in this Course?

This course has basically 3 sessions that will teach you about the following topics

1. Basics of electricity like charge & current.

2. Circuit elements & connections

3. Learn about Conductors, insulators, and Resistors

4. The resistivity of different materials

5. Ohm’s Law

To enhance the learning experience there will be assignments and quizzes after each session gets over. 

After the completion of all the above-mentioned Tinkerly courses, you will get a certificate for participation which will be very valuable to you!

So, Make the most productive use of your time and learn innovative skills by Enrolling in the courses of your choice right now!

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