How Tinkerly Is Acting As A Great Facilitator For Young Minds To Learn AI & ML

New innovative technologies form the essence of our lives today and have changed the way we as humans view & perceive things. 

AI & ML  has reshaped the world around us and has found their use today in diverse sectors of the economy and added to more jobs in every field. This trend is going to continue as the field of AI is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 40%. The field of ML is also expected to grow at a CAGR of around 42% enabling the global ML market to be worth more than $ 30 billion by 2024-25. The field of AI & ML is not going to lose its relevance anytime soon, and getting to learn about it from an early age with the help of interactive modules like the one provided by Tinkerly will hold a lot of substance.

There is an increased need to learn and innovate in this space from a young age and that is where Tinkerly’s AI, IoT & Robotics courses act as an enabler to help learn & easily understand AI & ML. 

What Do You Mean By Artificial Intelligence?

AI is the study of how to make machines or systems do things that humans at this point do better in certain areas. To put it across, an Artificial Intelligent system mimics a human brain, wherein a machine or software shows intelligence while performing the given tasks. AI finds its relevance to any intellectual task, wherein the machine or the system needs to make decisions or choose the next course of action based on the system’s current state, in short act intelligently & rationally.

For example, Google’s maps, TESLA smart cars, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Uber, and Ola’s ride-hailing applications are some of the real-world applications of AI.

What Is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning on the other hand is a subfield of AI. More precisely, machine learning helps to learn from examples & experiences, without being explicitly programmed. Machine Learning helps build logic based on the data one feeds to a generic algorithm besides writing code for it.

ML finds its relevance in speech & image recognition, disease detection, classification & predictive analytics.  For example, Netflix recommendation systems, FaceApp’s facial recognition app, etc. are some real-life applications of ML.

How Does The Use Of AI & ML Transform The Edtech Industry?

The Edtech industry is continuously evolving and the use of AI & ML is being incorporated in various forms like STEM Education which integrates AI & ML into learning to a great extent. While the growth across this space has been exemplary, Tinkerly which is an Edtech company has gone several notches higher by not just integrating STEM Learning but also introducing Troot as well, which is India’s first Artificial Intelligence Learning Toy.

The Troot Kit comes with exciting projects based on AI & ML and allows for voice & visual recognition, designing & prototyping. This integration of AI & ML enables Experiential Learning which is a very easy and engaged process of learning and greatly enables young minds to understand concepts related to different fields. Learning by incorporating AI & ML enhances a kid’s cognitive & analytical skills, creative skills and makes learning fun, innovative & interactive.

Why Should Kids Be Introduced To AI & ML At An Early Age?

Introducing kids to innovative technologies like AI & ML is very important as it helps them in multiple areas besides fostering their cognitive skills and enhancing their ingenuity. Engagement at an early age with AI & ML helps kids to:

Boost Their Creativity

Kids are by nature more imaginative & creative and pick up things faster. Learning about AI & ML from a young age will help widen their scope of imagination. 

Enhance Their Problem-solving Abilities

Learning these technologies spurs their problem-solving ability and they view & analyze tricky concepts in a different light. Overall they develop a solution-oriented mindset.

To Enhance Their Skill-Set

When the kid embarks on the path of learning AI & ML at an early age, they all add a host of other skill sets like learning to develop algorithms, making smart decisions, developing more research & analysis-oriented mind & develop patience.

Introduce Themselves To Coding Courses

If a kid starts learning about AI & ML from an early age by joining these coding courses they come across a more fun & intriguing way to learn AI & ML. They get an easier foray into the world of coding as well, which if learned in isolation could prove to be a bit abstract & a static process. Coding too is much in demand these days and increases the kid’s curiosity, logical thinking & mathematical reasoning ability.

Learn how to deal with Big Data

Most of today’s world is run by data and AI & ML also rely heavily on big data. So, learning about big data systems that are incorporated into AI & ML will help kids how to fetch, structure & analyze data & develop logic based on it.

Build on their Ethical & Moral Values

While learning AI & ML and seeing its real-life examples, kids often encounter questions in their mind like “why” and “how “ and they often see the answer for themselves that most of the innovations in this field are for making the lives of humans simpler & less complicated. And this teaches kids that by keeping ethical values & morality at their core, one can make technology a great facilitator.

Opens Up A Window Of Opportunities

Learning these technologies helps the kids enhance their career prospects as future jobs are going to be with AI & Automation. It enables kids to use their wisdom in diverse ways.

How Tinkerly Is Acting As A Great Facilitator For Young Minds To Learn AI & ML?

Tinkerly’s  AI, IoT & Robotics courses are among one of these courses that are quite innovative & stimulating in themselves and introduce kids to AI & ML in a seemingly easy way. Tinkerly furthers the cause of STEM learning which has helped foster learning in a way that is far more intriguing. Tinkerly leverages its learning pedagogy by way of its courses and STEM kits and has provided students with a model that gives them the freedom to explore their creativity. It makes learning AI & ML engaging and very thought-provoking.

Tinkerly’s AI, IoT & Robotics courses provide an easy initiation to learning these technologies. It offers a great first step in learning AI & ML as the kid learns to code which is the first formative step if one wants to learn AI & ML.

Why Experiential Learning Is The Best Way To Further The Cause Of Learning AI & ML?

Experiential Learning helps kids, in general, to understand concepts better. This form of learning helps kids in a way to interact with information and apply their ideas in a real-world situation. A kid is empowered to think & engage at multiple levels and their analytical & problem-solving ability is expedited. All these benefits of Experiential Learning are the reason why Tinkerly uses this form of imparting knowledge to spur the learning of new-age technologies like AI & ML.

Tinkerly makes learning AI & ML lucid & interactive as they provide for experiential learning. Tinkerly’s STEM learning kits also reduce the overall screen time of the child by fifty percent, as there is an increased impetus on putting things learned into practice. By using this flipped form of learning a child’s engagement towards this field is greatly enhanced as the results of one’s learning & further innovation are tangible and believable.

Tinkerly’s experiential learning helps the kids with the opportunity to engage intellectually, creatively & emotionally that enables kids to be active & constructive in their process of learning AI & ML.


Today, seeing the multiple ways in which AI & ML has helped us, humans, there has been an increased impetus in the research & development by organizations & academia in the field of AI & ML and all this has led to an incremental increase in the innovations.

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