How technology is integrated into the teaching curriculum?

Blending of technology-based teaching strategies into teaching curriculum to get students to acquire, organize, demonstrate information is known as technology integration. When you go to the classrooms of the student, you will see there is a computer class. Did you ever think about why they are there? Are they even being used at all? If yes, then how they get used? Did they are useful for students or not? You may have these questions in your mind, right? 

If you can see that technology has become a basic need in everything, we do the whole day. Like the way of playing, working, thinking, enjoying, learning – technology, etc. as technology has revolved everywhere.  technology-based teaching and learning curriculum will revolutionize the learning process of students. There are so many studies, had shown that technology integration in the teaching curriculum has improved the students’ learning process and results as well.


Before, teachers were using a computer only for problem-solving things from the internet, but nowadays purpose has changed. Now teachers need to think to get a more constructive approach rather than wasting time in a behavioral approach. 

Technology has many interactive and appealing things to increase the interest of the students in studies. Technology integration tends to have more projects and computer-based learning instead of writing on blackboard and copy. 

Technology integration has approaches to bring technology in classroom teaching so that teachers and students have more tools to learn well in a more interesting way. Students are having an interest in different tools to use them in their studies and become more creative instead of becoming only a consumer. 

What is technology in the teaching-learning process?

To get the concept of technology integration, you must know, what it is not. People think technology integration is only teaching computer-related skills in isolation so that students can learn a set of isolated word processing or skills. Where in the other hand technology in the teaching-learning process means taught in connection with meaningful curriculum activities that show the cross-curricular connections.

To understand technology integration, you should also compare the computer to a pencil or pen. Did you remember when a student first time goes to the school to start his studies, teachers tell them how to hold a pencil. Later he/she learn how to write or draw properly. However, in technology integration students need to learn how to operate the device to read, write, draw and learn. 

technology in teaching

Another reason for the use of technology in teaching is the necessity of today’s students to revolutionize with their era’s skills.

Some skills are:

  1. A student should know about their personal and social responsibility
  2. They should know how to do the planning, critical thinking, reasoning, and creativity
  3. They need to have strong communication skills, both for interpersonal and presentation needs

Current teaching methodology in schools

The Teaching method based on the general principles, pedagogy, and management strategies for classroom learning. In current teaching methodology, the teacher has their way of teaching as what fits their educational philosophy, classroom demographic, subject area(s) which must respect the agreements made at school level and the relevant education authorities.

In general, teaching theories are organized into four categories based on two major parameters:

  1. A teacher-centered approach versus a student-centered approach
  2. High-tech material uses versus low-tech material use.

The current methodology is based on the education authorities’ methodological recommendations to educational institutions within their remit, within the limits set by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.

Schools are in charge of defining the teaching methods in the classroom, within their pedagogic autonomy. School authority decides their curricular materials and didactic resources.

How technology can be integrated into the teaching curriculum?

Currently, technology integration has so many varied tools and practices. So, technology can become an integral part of the teaching and learning process in so many ways. Some of them are listed below but don’t forget that new technology tools and ideas emerging daily.

technology integration
  1. By using Social Media to Engage every student
  2. By collaborative many Online Tools
  3. By creating Podcasts, Videos, or Slideshows
  4. Teachers can use Web-Based Projects, Explorations, and Research
  5. By making interesting Instructional Tools such as Interactive Whiteboards and Student Response Systems
  6. Learning with Mobile and Handheld Devices
  7. A Game-Based Learning and Assessment is a favourite part of students
  8. Project-Based curricular Activities
  9. By organizing Online Learning and Blended Classrooms

Benefits of having technology in classroom teaching

The benefits of technology integration are students will acquire, demonstrate, apply, and communicate information. students will get these benefits:

  1. How to practice safe and responsible use of technology
  2. How to gather research and evaluate information from a variety of sources
  3. How to create original works like presentation
  4. How to organize data using tables, graphs in mathematics
  5. How to solve their problems using technology
  6. How to present any information or knowledge


People need to have the willingness to embrace the change because it is a major requirement for successful technology integration. Moreover, the teacher needs to recognize that if students possess some technology skills, then they also need to have a clear understanding of their ethical or safe use. So, teachers must teach them ethics and safety concerning technology use.

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