STEAM Leadership Network roadshow: a unique principal meet-up program

Not so long ago, it is hardly comprehensible for anyone to truly accept robotics and artificial intelligence as an integral part of our lives. Robots working for the betterment of mankind was something only possible in the movies like Star Wars or Star Trek. Fast-forwarding a few years later, and we have chatbots to answer all of our queries, smart shopping with a customized recommendation and what not?

In a past-modernized world, isn’t it the right time to upgrade our educational systems which had been long discarded by the technical industry?

An Introduction to STEM

In the past few years, the acronym ‘STEM’ has gained a lot of momentum with career opportunities becoming more focused on technical knowledge as compared to that of the academic studies. The term STEM refers to the collaborative teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics under one roof. With the huge requirement for industry-oriented knowledge, STEM is just the right card to play with. 

STEAM: Just the Right Education for Booming Innovators

While STEM integrated studies enable a plethora of options to choose from, STEAM is the cherry on top. Innovator requires an artistic mind, and that is the part ‘A’ plays in STEAM. All it took for the technology towards advancement was a little bit of courage and a small step of a man on the moon to raise the American flag. The right education doesn’t teach to follow the herd, rather encourage thinking out of the box.

STEAM provides the capabilities to an individual to cope up with his ever-changing world. While the concept of science and technology makes a person competent for a lucrative job, the urge for continuous personal development provides them with real opportunities to change their lives for the greater good. 


Another Step Towards Future

In the world of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotics, the entire technological evolution revolves around Coding. Some people have even started to call it the 4th Industrial Revolution or just simply Industry 4.0. Whatever be the case, it is very essential to hone our coding skills if someone is looking forward to a future in the I.T industry. 

One particular myth that goes by is that Coding is a very difficult task, or it requires a great amount of critical thinking. This is certainly true to a certain degree but not beyond that. With STEAM, even children can learn to code through fun games and easy-to-learn based education programs. This helps them to build an accumulated knowledge of Coding over time instead of starting at the college out of nowhere. 

Envisioning a Future with STEAM: Opportunities and Beyond

The world has never seen such a huge technological expansion from the past couple of decades, unlike any other era before. Mainstream jobs are becoming obsolete and gradually shifting towards automation. With such a scenario, the idea of an unchanged education is creating a dangerous fallacy on its own. Now, STEAM education goes beyond teaching and focuses on the skills that are going to help them in the long run.

Implementing STEAM into mainstream education can easily be done with smart classes, along with furnishing the problem-solving skills of the children. STEAM helps to create a better impact of creativity on our brains with the proper interaction of frontal and temporal lobe of the brain. This helps the students to develop an entrepreneurial behaviour. As for the opportunities, there is more than one can even comprehend. 

STEAM Leadership Network roadshow

STEAM enables a person to develop critical thinking and being able to build something out of it, which has never been done before. STEAM is a superior upgrade against STEM for joining the missing pieces of artistic thinking and putting forward a good use of it instead of learning science and technology for nothing. 

STEAM Leadership Network brings together the education experts and decision-makers blending 21st-century skills with mainstream education. Along with some other major stakeholders in the K12 education system, Tinkerly & CodeVidya have formed an India-wide STEAM Leadership Network (STEAM LN). In order to promote more awareness around various forms of initiatives taken by education leaders worldwide blending STEAM with mainstream education. Since some of them have given marvellous results, this forum has a great scope to identify as well as share knowledge, solutions and best practices in India among education leaders.

While the launch of STEAM-LN is scheduled somewhere in mid – 2020 with India’s biggest STEAM Awards, we are organizing a roadshow started from Nagpur followed by Vijaywada, Bhopal, Jaipur, Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Lucknow and so on. The theme of this Roadshow is “Building Brains Beyond Books“, which is a unique meetup program on the immediate value of STEAM education.   


Benefits of the roadshow:

We’ll be joined by the Deans, Directors, Principals, Policy Makers, Educationalists etc. of India’s biggest educational institutions, the most promising STEM leaders and experts.  

We live in uncertain times for tech and education. At STEAM-LN, we welcome the people who are tackling the big challenges facing the industry today and learn about the new practices developed by them. Our stages cover topics that envision the Future of STEAM in mainstream education. 

STEAM-LN is India’s one of the largest gathering of educationalists, principals, directors, attracting more than 800+ attendees designed to emphasize the major practices that scientists and engineers engage in as they investigate the world and design and build new STEAM technologies.

STEAM-LN believes is recognizing the great minds in the STEAM industry. Annual STEAM awards are being organized to recognize the leaders who are bringing in change in STEAM learning.

In order to get a clearer view of the topic, don’t forget to join our roadshow towards your nearest city and learn all about STEAM and how it can be beneficial for your children. Always remember, a single step of initiative towards your end can help your child to prosper and become a leader of the next generation.

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