How To Build A Simple Program Based On Rakhi Theme With Python?

Do you know most of the network devices on the video-streaming platform- Netflix is managed by applications based on Python?

Also, the python programming language is useful in training the machine learning algorithms for the Content recommendation, security automation, artwork personalization, etc.

What Is Python?

Python is an emerging programming language that is drawing a lot of attention. It is a high-level, interpreted, general purpose, easy-to-use programming language.

What are the advantages of the Python programming language? 

1. Easy to Learn Code

 It has an English Like Syntax that makes it easier to read and understandable to the learner. 

2. Best for Coding Beginners

Python programming language uses fewer lines of code in comparison to other high-level programming languages of Java and C++. 

3. Interpreted Programming Language

In python programming, the code is executed line by line. If an error occurs, the code execution gets stopped. 

4. Abundance of Library support

Python has a vast collection of libraries that makes it easily accessible to users. Python programming language has a package manager (pip) that makes things easier to import. Many packages from the Python package index (PyPi) consist of over 200,000 packages.

Let’s build a simple program by using Python programming language. The theme of this program is RakshaBandhan. To run this program, we will use an online Python compiler.

Now that we get the basic idea about Python, let’s talk about how to build a simple program in Scratch.

What Are The Steps Of Building This Simple Program in Python?

First of all, to run this code we will use an online python compiler,  click here

Now follow the steps given below:

Here is the Source Code for the Simple Program In Python. Download it.

Now go to the online python compiler, and paste the code there. Press the Run button and see the output.

If the user type 1 in the sheet. The following output will get displayed.

If the user type 2 in the sheet. The following output will get displayed.

Summing Up!

In this blog, we have learned about how to build a simple program based on the Rakhi theme using Python programming language. To know about the basics of Python, join Tinkerly’s Coding courses for kids.

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