Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav: Showcase Your Talent With Coding Innovator Contest

Are you up for a Contest?

Good news! To celebrate the spirit of the Azaadi ka Amrit Mahotsav initiative of the  Indian Government. Tinkerly has come up with a Coding Innovator Contest. 

What Is A Coding Innovator Contest?

A contest that will help you flaunt your skills with your buddies. It is a social media-based contest that will allow kids to showcase their virtual projects in the form of a reel on Instagram. For participation purposes, it is mandatory for kids to tag @tinkerlygroup. Use hashtags of #codingforkids & #tinkerly.

How To Prepare For This Coding Innovator Contest?

Interested students who want to participate in the Coding Innovator Contest can prepare by downloading the Let’s Tinker App and enrolling in the Amrit Mahotsav special free course on the app. This course consists of 5 video modules that will teach students a step-by-step mechanism to build virtual projects by using the Scratch & platform for kids.

What Type Of Video Modules Are Available On The App?

There are 5 video modules available on the app that are based on & Scratch platforms for kids.

1. Introduction: 

This video module will give you an overview of the entire Coding Innovator contest. 

2. Animated Flag Hoisting using Scratch

This video module will help you in making a Scratch program using which a learner can digitally hoist a flag. You will learn the basics & fundamentals of Scratch programming language with the help of this module. 

2. Fact App using

In this video module, the learner will gain insight on how to build a simple Fact app through the platform. You will gain insight into the platform and also become aware of the interesting facts about India. After discovering these unknown facts about India, you will feel proud to be an Indian. 

3. ShowMe App using

The learner will become aware of how to build a simple quiz-like ShowMe App by watching this video module. The answers will be shown to the user in image format.  

4. JumpingSoldierGame App using

With the help of this video module, the learner will learn about how to build a simple game of the JumpingSoldierGame App through the platform. The main objective of this JumpingSoldier Game is to collect n no. of flags while protecting “Health” and jumping through obstacles(Stones) that are present in the game.

The user has the flexibility to set the n no. of flags. As soon as the player collects the pre-defined n. no. of the flag will be hoisted.

Important Points To Remember In the Coding Innovator Contest

1. There are 5 sets of video modules available on the Let’s Tinker app that will guide the participants as to how they can develop a game on their own.

2. Once their virtual project is ready, the learner can screen record their project and post a reel of it on their or their guardian’s Instagram/Facebook accounts. (preferably in less than 60 seconds) 

3. It is mandatory for the participant to Tag @tinkerlygroup on Instagram using hashtags #codingforkids and #tinkerly. This way we are notified about the participant’s entry into the competition.

4. The reel should be uploaded before/on the assigned deadline.

5. The concept should be original and not copied, though the idea could be inspired by any other previous ideas but not end to end copied.

What Is The Deadline For Submission Of The Reel?

The deadline for uploading the reel is by 11th Sept 2022 (Last Date For Reel Submission). The winner will be decided on the basis of creativity, uniqueness, explanation of the concept & perfection. One winner will get a free Robotics kit from Tinkerly. Other runner-ups will get scholarships and certificates of achievement as consolation prizes. 

So, what are you waiting for? Participate now & showcase your talent!

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