How Coding Plays An Important Role In Making Your Child Future-Ready?

When it comes to learning how to code, people often associate coding with technical people i.e aspiring software engineers. But this is not always the case. Coding is for everyone irrespective of their career choices. Even the Indian Government understands the value of coding that’s why they have added coding for 6th Grade students in their National Education Policy. 

Why There Is A Need To Learn Coding From An Early Age?

New innovative technologies like AI, ML, IoT, and Robotics have found their relevance in various spheres of our life as well as in various industries with their ever-increasing use in different areas of the economy. The emergence of these technologies on the horizon has brought about a paradigm shift in how the world operates. So, with these technologies’ ever-increasing use in our daily lives, it is the need of the hour to teach our young generation coding from an early age.

What Are The Benefits Of Learning How To Code From An Early Age?

1. It Teaches Problem-solving Skills

Coding is the most interactive way to teach problem-solving skills to young minds. The entire coding process teaches kids how to brainstorm ideas for solving the problem and choose the most appropriate solution with less possibility of mistake. Also, while coding, sometimes a situation arises when the problem appears so complex to solve individually. In that case, the kids have to solve the complex problem by breaking it down into smaller chunks that can be solved one by one and ultimately solving the entire complex problem. 

2. It Makes Students Better Decision-Makers

Coding helps kids acquire higher-level thinking and make young minds better decision-makers. The kids learn from their previous experiences and they will make decisions for solving the coding problems. They can learn the craft of making decisions quickly and responsibly. This ability to make better decisions will help kids from all walks of life. No matter which career they choose in the future, they will face a time when they have to make various decisions. If they have better decision-making abilities, then it is a good chance that they will make the correct decision. They will get better clarity about whether things are in their favor or not. They will develop a practical mindset that will have a clear set of well-defined priorities. 

3. It Gives Kids A Competitive Advantage Over Their Peers

Most job profiles want their employees to have a diverse skillset and the ability to handle multitasking. If your child has acquired coding skills then it will help him stand out from the crowd and give them a competitive advantage over their peers. Our world is evolving with the integration of technology. Thus, there will be a huge demand for coding specialists and programmers in the coming future. If children learn these coding skills in their early years, then they will get a good chance to have a secure future.

4 They Will Gain Knowledge About the Technology

If young minds understand the working principle of innovative technologies like AI, IoT, and Robotics, they will use these technologies to solve real-life problems. One way of doing it is to learn how to code. When children learn to code, they will understand the practical aspects of technology. They will transform from a passive user of the technology to an active user of the technology. Technology is evolving at a rapid rate. Thus, understanding its basics is essential.

There are many online coding courses available that give practical exposure to coding. Tinkerly’s Hands-on coding courses are among one of them. These courses are based on a play-based course curriculum blended with the goodness of interactive STEM learning kits. This course helps to reduce the unproductive screen time of children by almost 50 % with the help of STEM kits. 

So, give your child a chance to build Next-Gen projects that can solve real-world problems. Book a free demo right now!

5. It Lays Foundation For Better Career Opportunities

The demand for STEM-related jobs is increasing day by day. Learning how to code from an early age will give you a good chance of getting employed in the jobs of the future. When you learn to code, it will make your skillset attractive to prospective employees. These coding skills will get you to higher wages and open doors to many exciting job opportunities. 


Coding forms the very essence of these technologies. Therefore, an introduction to coding should be provided at an early age. While coding in isolation may seem a bit complex, learning coding by bringing into play new evolved ways of learning like Experiential Learning brings ease to the process. It introduces the child to Hands-On Coding, which is a very practical approach to coding and makes learning coding very simple and interactive.

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