A Perfect Beginner Guide For A Newbie In The Field Of AI

The seamless integration of technology in diverse areas has positively impacted every sphere of our lives. It has led people to view everything in a different light.

One such innovative technology that has completely altered our perception in myriad ways is AI. This technology has found its use in a lot of sectors of the economy. Even the edtech sector has understood the relevance of the field of AI and has incorporated AI into its learning process. Learning by integrating AI-based toys makes it easy for students to comprehend subject areas like coding and it helps to foster their ingenuity and analytical skills.

The growth in the field of AI has spurred the need to invest and innovate in this space more. This has led to the creation of more jobs in every interrelated field and this trend is only going to continue with the global AI market expected to grow into a $190 billion industry by 2025 and the forecasted annual growth rate in this field from now until 2027 expected to be around 33.2%.

At present, this field is seeing many exciting innovations, fuelled by the increased impetus of big-tech and academia in its research.

Why Choose AI from an early age?

Today with nearly all areas of our life seeing an increased involvement of AI, there is a need to start learning this innovative technology from an early age. By involving themselves in the field of AI from an early age, the kids can improve their creative and analytical skills.

Today technology-enabled devices have become an indispensable part of kids’ lives. There is increased use of smartphones, tablets, and other such smart devices by the kids. So, this ease with which the kids engaged with technology-based gadgets needs to be leveraged & channeled in the right manner. The fact that kids grasp things faster than normal adults makes the learning process faster and a lot more intriguing.

Coding Courses For Kids

AI has become an inseparable part of many industries & academia in general. AI today has become synonymous with every innovation the industry or big-tech sets out to do. There is increased integration of AI in commerce & science in general. So, learning AI is very important for kids to provide them with a skill set for the future.

But the bigger question is? How does a newbie get familiar with the field of AI?

How Tinkerly’s Coding + AI Courses Help Kids To Learn AI From An Early Age?

There are many types of coding courses available that make the learning of AI & other related innovative technologies relatively easy for a beginner. Tinkerly’s STEM Coding + Robotics courses are among one of these courses that introduce newbies to AI in a relatively easy way. By making use of Tinkerly’s courses, getting practical exposure in the field of AI has become seemingly easy.

The thing that sets apart Tinkerly’s courses from others is:

Tinkerly’s Interactive Coding courses make learning AI engaging and very thought-provoking. Tinkerly’s coding courses, provide an easy initiation to learning AI that will provide kids with valuable skill sets & the power of innovation.

Tinkerly’s coding courses provide kids with an easy initiation to coding which is the first formative step if one wants to learn AI & ML. Learning to code is very crucial to fuel growth in the field of AI for kids. These courses incorporate Experiential Learning into the process of learning AI which is a very interactive process of learning. Tinkerly’s courses also integrate learning through different STEM toys like the Troot toy which is India’s first AI Learning toy that comes with 8+ exciting AI-Learning projects, visual & voice recognition, and allows for designing & prototyping.

FAQ for Troot

Tinkerly’s Interactive learning courses also reduce the overall screen time of the child by almost 50 percent, as there is an increased emphasis on hands-on learning. As the result of one’s learning is tangible, the child’s engagement towards AI is greatly enhanced and it helps them bring their innovative ideas to life.

Therefore, Tinkerly’s courses integrate everything needed to learn in the field of AI.

What are the Future Possibilities of AI?

The innovative field of AI is at the forefront of bringing about an unparalleled evolution in the world. Today, AI acts as an enabler in email filtering, surveillance, in improving customer service. AI also finds its use through Personalized Online Shopping, image & speech recognition, in the marketing of different things especially on E-Commerce, and is also put to use to automate farming to enhance soil restoration & crop yield.

The education sector is also integrating AI into the learning process.

The government is also opening up to the idea of using AI in the education process, which is evident in India’s new education policy(NEP), where AI will have its implementation. The NEP envisions a change in the way education is provided and it views AI as a technology that can be of great help in this process. AI here can help in grading each student, streamlining admin tasks. It will also help the students in deciding the most suitable career choices for them. Apart from being an enabler, it is also beneficial to learn this skill as it will help kids to build on their critical, logical & computational thinking which will set the groundwork for digital literacy from an early age. 

AI has been disrupting & creating an impact in diverse sectors like Robotics, Space Technology but its use in the education sector will prove to be the most impactful. Like each sector, the education sector needs changes and these changes will bring forth greater possibilities in education. Using AI in education will provide a more comprehensive and easy form of learning, will help in automation of processing of paperwork and covering for human errors. Students will get a more personalized form of learning, covering their individual needs, which can be altered at any point in time. The integration of AI in education will help make learning more inclusive and provide for better outreach. AI’s customized learning will provide for better employment opportunities in what will be a digital-first future.

So, these are the possibilities that AI provides in education and other areas, and the edtech sector is greatly enabling this. But the possibilities in education have to be the most significant as it is only through learning that people will be able to innovate and further the growth in other sectors.


The plethora of innovations that we have seen in the field of AI after the turn of the century has brought interest into this field even from unknown quarters. With AI’s use being further expedited in new areas, there is no iota of doubt regarding the relevance of this field. So, in a nutshell, the field of AI as an innovative space is not going to lose its importance in the coming years & is surely one for the future.

This field is certainly poised to grow exponentially therefore there is an increased need to learn this innovative technology from an early age through interactive courses like the one provided by Tinkerly as the courses provided by Tinkerly help us learn through a very involved learning process that fosters ingenuity and provides us with a model that helps make learning fun helps give wings to the “Tinkerer” within kids.

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