Highlights of Time Management Webinar by Archana

No matter whether you are a teacher/student or a parent the time management is needed for all. You need to train yourself on how you can properly utilize the time that you have in doing meaningful tasks rather than procrastinating. The entire world is going through a rough time due to the COVID-19 crisis.

It has made many people stuck in their homes where they mostly sit idle and waste most of the day doing nothing and gets totally bored. Thus, People are wasting a lot of valuable time by either doing unnecessary things or by doing nothing at all. These people need something to cheer them up and motivate them to do better utilization of their time.

Tinkerly understands the true value of time management and wants to help such people to get motivated and do better utilization of their time. Thus, It has conducted a Time Management Webinar on 9th May 2020 with the highly experienced Expert Ms. Archana Parashar who has enlightened people about the various strategies that they can implement in their daily lives to better manage the time.

Where to watch the Time Management Webinar in case you missed it?

You can watch the Time Management Webinar directly from the video given below in case you missed it or joined late in the live session.
[Kindly start from t=12:02 mins]

Time Management by Archana Parashar

Time is what we want most and what we use worst! Isn't it? Why not learn to be a pilot before it flies away? ⏳ Thank you Archana from Balance – Be your Own Brand for this fabulous session![Please Start this video from t=12min onwards]

Posted by Tinkerly on Saturday, May 9, 2020

What are the highlights of the Time Management Webinar?

In this Time Management Webinar, the following points are covered in great detail

Managing your activities:

Each one of us has got the same 24 hours to use daily in our lives. For better managing the time that you have you need to better manage the type of activities that you can carry out during this time. These activities are categorized on the basis of their impact.

If these activities are aligning with your daily goals of the day and will help you in the near future then do these activities with setting first priority in your To-Do List. Leave the rest of the activities for afterward when you are done with completing Priority activity first.

Slow time & fast Time

There are two types of time Slow time & fast Time

Slow time is the one in which you do activities which don’t make you happy. These activities include monotonous activities. You will realize while performing these activities that the time is passing very slowly.

Fast Time is the one in which you enjoy doing these activities and loves to spend more time doing these activities. While you are performing these activities you will not realize that the time will be passing very fast than usual.

Thus we need to try to make each time a fast time by incorporating things that we enjoy to increase our productivity level. For Example, while doing Slow Time activities you can listen to music so that you will not get bored performing these activities and your productivity also increases at the same time.

Have a Structured Goal in your life

You need to have a well-defined goal in your life so that you will dedicate your time doing the things which require most of your attention and is getting you one step closer to achieving your goals. Having unclear objectives and unstructured goals are the biggest obstacles for time management.

These type of distractions needs to be eliminated so visualize your goal and auto-suggest yourself how you can achieve the goals within a particular amount of time.

Learn To Say “NO”

Sometimes we thought too much about other people that we are unable to say NO to them. We do this because we are afraid that they will think us rude. But saying “YES” to every task that can be better managed by someone else is the biggest time-waster of all. You can’t be at all the places at once so if you are busy doing something more important and do not want to do other people’s tasks then have guts to say them NO. It is your life and you are the creator of your own destiny

Make Good Use Of waiting Time

We all have time in each day of our life when we are not doing anything and are waiting for something. For example, Stuck in a road traffic jam so utilize this time also. Do the tasks that you are planning to do. For example, if you are learning a new language s keep a notebook with you and revise that language skills during this waiting time.
Time is very precious do not waste it.

Overcome the Procrastination

The ability to delaying tasks over and over again is not a good practice. You need to set a priority to do the task on time. You can also reward yourself when you complete a task on a particular duration of time. This way you will move away from the clutches of procrastination. Thus, Saving a lot of time and effort.

Perform One Task At a Time

Doing multiple things at the same time is very confusing for you and there is a chance that you might not do either of these things with full efficiency. So focus on the task that is at hand and after the first task gets done move on to the next one and so on. This way you will dedicate well deserve time to each and every activity.

Celebrate Small Success Too

All work and no play is not the most recommended strategy so you need to dedicate some time on your self also. You can take this “ME-Time” to visualize your goals and plan to d activities that make you happy. Play with a pet or watch something funny. This way you will not fall a victim to the stress and fatigue and will be produced to carry out more tasks that are very good for your overall well-being.

Recognize Obstacles

You need to evaluate on your own the types of obstacles which are wasting your time in unnecessary thing and you need to take care of these things beforehand. For example, If your friend calls you up and gossips with you while you are performing some important task thereby wasting your time. You can talk with your friend plainly that you will call him back when you finish the task at hand. This way you can eliminate distractions and time-wasters from your life.

Follow the 80-20 Rule

This rule refers to as Pareto Principle means that 20% of your Key efforts will give you 80% of your much-needed results.
Thus telling that there is a need to dedicate your time in such a way that it focuses your concentration on doing the Key efforts in a much effective manner so that it will produce a majority of your results. Just prioritize these Key efforts and see the magic of good results.

Smart Work & Hard Work

We need to do smart work. We need to find good and better alternatives to do work more quickly and in an efficient way in less amount of time. Working hard is good but working smart is what is the need of the hour. With doing smart work you can save a lot of time and effort which can be utilized in doing something else.

Hold Good Self Esteem

We need to keep a good self- esteem and have good self-confidence within us. We don’t want to get distracted by other people’s opinions about us. We need to remove toxic people and negative thoughts from our lives so that we can be productive and don’t waste our time self-doubting us.

Is there anything like this webinar planned for the next week?

Yes. Next week i.e 16th May 2020 Tinkerly will be organizing a webinar on Women Empowerment that will help women to channelize their positivity and navigate their inner balance and potential.That session on women Empowerment will also be hosted by Ms. Archana Parashar you can register in the session from here.

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