Why Early Exposure to Coding is a Beneficial Step for Your Kids?

In their early years, children have a curious nature and their young minds are filled with imagination. If we provide them exposure to coding at an early age, then they will develop a genuine interest in Coding. They will be able to learn about the art and craft of making not only apps, games, and websites but also will be able to create Nextgen projects that will solve a real-world issue. By building real-life projects on their own the students will develop self-confidence.

Even the most famous entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs who is recognized as a pioneer of the personal computer revolution and also was the co-founder of Apple Inc. has the following opinion about programming:

Given below are some of the most amazing benefits offered by Coding for your kids: 

More Focus On Experiential Learning

The hands-on learning approach is the most effective way of learning. There are many online coding courses that only focus on digital learning. But with Tinkerly’s coding course which offers a revolutionary way of Hands-on coding blended with STEM toys, the kids can learn beyond the screen and can enjoy the thrill of experiential learning. It also helps to limit their screen-time and help them gain practical knowledge of how things work in real life. When the kids carry out the experiments on their own they will get a solid understanding of the concept.

Enhances Creativity of the Child to the Next Level 

By learning the mechanism of Hands-on Coding, the kids will get the power to enhance their creativity and turn themselves into future innovators. They will not only consume technology but will also learn how to create it on their own. For example, by using their own innovative ideas coupled with their coding knowledge the kids can build NextGen projects which are capable of solving real-life problems. This way they can contribute to the betterment of society.

When the students engage in Hands-on coding, they will face many complex problems that they can solve by breaking the problem down into smaller more manageable problems. While solving complex problems of the project, they will also learn many valuable skills along the way such as critical thinking, problem-solving, computational thinking, analytical thinking, etc.

These skills not only help the students during the proper execution of the program but also will help them throughout their life. 

By Using Innovative Learning Approach

 For example, Tinkerly uses an innovative flipped learning approach in their self-paced coding curriculum. They provide students access to recorded lessons that are available on the Let’s Tinker App. The student can watch these interactive recorded lessons anytime, anywhere which are curated by a team of IITians and note down their doubts if any to be asked during the live 1:1 session which is conducted by expert educators.

This gives students learning flexibility and they will get enough time for doing their homework, daily chores, playing, etc.   

Develop Future-Ready Skillset

Hands-on Coding exposure to kids at an early age helps students to discover their true potential. It brings out the innovator in them. They can build NextGen projects which are capable of solving real-life problems. During the process of building these tangible real-life projects, the kids will undergo many challenges and acquire knowledge about innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence(AI), IoT(Internet of Things), Robotics, Coding, etc which are in growing demand in future jobs.

Getting a solid foundation about these innovative technologies from an early age keeps the student one step ahead of their peers and opens the door to many future job opportunities.

Explore Fun & Interactive Way of Coding

Most of the students have a fear of coding. They consider it tough and boring. The thing is that it all depends upon the way a child learns how to code. While most of the online courses are busy in delivering monotonous online coding classes, Tinkerly has come up with the most innovative idea of adding a flavor of experiential learning in their coding classes by incorporating STEM toys in their play-based curriculum. This makes coding fun & exciting and the child will get hooked on learning more about it under the guidance of expert educators.

These STEM toys provide students with a chance to experience the fun-side of Hands-on coding and provide them with all the necessary tools and knowledge so that they can build something on their own and make their parents proud!  


We have discussed the advantages of learning coding from an early age and how it is capable of teaching the kids with the most valuable 21st-century skills that will help them in all walks of their life. If you are interested in learning Hands-on coding with a unique blend of STEM toys then, Book a Free Demo Right Now!

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