Spark Your Kid’s Interest in Coding & Spice Up Their Learning With STEM Toys!

Do you ever wonder why kids love to play video games? Any guesses? Let me tell you why! The answer is quite simple!

Since their childhood kids are curious. They love to engage their time in playing video games because they find it interesting & love doing it.

Tinkerly – a Jaipur based edtech understands this behavior of children and has come up with an amazing way to give coding a flavor of fun by incorporating STEM toys in their play-based curriculum. The company believes in the notion of “Coding is Love, Not Fear” and hence takes away the fear or boredom of coding by adding the thrill of experiential learning with the help of interactive STEM toys.

What Tinkerly’s STEM & Coding Course Has In Store For Kids?

Takes Learning Beyond Screens

It is the best alternative to the monotonous online coding courses which are available in the market. Unlike other coding courses that are based on digital platforms for learning purposes, this course takes the learning beyond the screens and lowers the screen time of the kids by 50%. This is made possible with the help of their unique approach of blending the STEM toys with its play-based curriculum. The children will learn the craft of Hands-on Coding and bring out the true innovator in them.

Learning Flexibility

After choosing the desired class package, the student will get access to the Recorded Lessons which are available on the Let’s Tinker App. The students will get these interactive recorded lessons at their fingertips which are curated by a team of IITians. They can watch these recorded lessons as per their choice anytime, anywhere. If the student encounters any doubt while browsing through the recorded lessons, they can visit the Support Section of the Let’s Tinker App and leave their queries there. The Expert Educators at Tinkerly will go through these doubts or queries and try to resolve it as soon as possible. If there is a need they can even take a dedicated Online 1:1 session to resolve the doubt of their students.

Parent-Friendly Course

This course in every way is a parent-friendly course. It provides parents with full freedom to choose the most appropriate class package according to their child’s grade level. They can also schedule a Free Demo for their kids to get a taste of the knowledge which their kid will receive if they decide to opt for this course. The course also provides parents with the facility to upgrade or downgrade their existing class packages i.e if the parent who has an existing class package of Achiever they can easily downgrade to the Learner class package as per their choice.

Promotes Self- Learning

The students who enroll for the course will get access to the interactive recorded lesson on the Let’s Tinker App. These recorded lessons will help students learn about their course curriculum on their own. The expert educators are always there to help and are just a few clicks away and can be accessed via the support section of the app. Also, the 1:1 live online sessions are conducted by the expert educators from time to time and the course revision and another topic discussion can be done in these sessions.

Supportive & Friendly Expert Educators

The Live 1:1 sessions are delivered by the graduates of Top tier institutions who have good experience in mentoring & coaching young minds. The expert educators will treat your child as a friend and they will resolve each doubt which they are facing. Your child will feel at home and will be able to express them in the live 1:1 online live sessions.

Summing Up!

We have discussed the benefits offered by Tinkerly’s STEM & Coding Course which is affordable and is most recommended for the kids so that they will learn the craft of Hands-On Coding at the comfort of their home! Book a Free Demo Now and decide yourself.

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