A Perfect Beginner Guide For A Newbie In The Field Of Robotics

Robotics as an industry is continuously evolving. The field of robotics has found its use in various other industries and it is growing exponentially. It has positively made an impact on our lives one way or the other. It has changed the way, how we do our work, and perceive the world around us.

What Do You Mean By Robotics?

In simple words, Robotics is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering & science that integrates various branches of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Robotics deals with the conception, design & use of robots. 

Robots, which form the crux of the field of robotics, have developed into various kinds ranging from nanorobots, autonomous drones, cobots, Agricultural & medical robots & Military & Industrial robots to humanoids as well. 

How Early Exposure To Robotics Can Help Young Minds?

By getting exposure to this field, young minds can improve their problem- solving & creativity skills. Robotics can provide a fun initiation to programming at an early age. Technology has become an inseparable part of a student’s life since they use gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and other such technology-enabled devices. 

It is high time that kids must learn about technological innovations like robotics so that they will understand how things work in real-life scenarios. Robotics has become indispensable to many industries and introducing young students to robotics is very important. It will help them develop a  good skill set for the future.

But how does a newbie take the first step in learning about the field of robotics? 

How To Get Started In The Field Of Robotics?

Robotics is a field that is very intellectually engaging but one can start finding it very lucid if one starts liking it. Robots can be used for many purposes and applications and one needs to start from the very basics. Given below are the various steps one needs to initiate in this field:

Reading Informative Books

Take one step at a time and start small & learn about the very basics of this field by reading different books & robotics-based articles from trusted sources. Reading the right books, articles & magazines at an initial stage will prove to be of invaluable help. Books like Robot building for beginners, Robot builder’s bonanza are good options.

Make Use Of Free Online Resources

Just pick up a small creation related to the field of robotics & study for yourself. When starting in this field, get hold of even a small invention and gather knowledge regarding how it works in real-life scenarios. A good way to initiate oneself to robotics is just to see & absorb for oneself. You can watch tons of robotics videos available on Youtube. This way you will gain the required knowledge and better understand its functionality. 

Opt for An Online Robotics Course

Choosing the right robotics course will add some structure to your way of gaining knowledge about robotics. The right course will add a bit of simplicity in the way you learn about robotics, and not appear complex which it otherwise would have been. You can opt for the courses that use STEM education as a tool for teaching about robotics, because STEM education entails going for various coding courses, using STEM kits which makes the learning process easy and interactive. It also helps to foster creativity & problem-solving skills at an early age, which furthers the process of innovating in this field. 

The robotics course for the kids must give students practical knowledge so that they can discover their true potential. These robotics courses will introduce you to the practical world of coding at an early age. Starting slowly & eventually developing speed in this skill will add a lot of value to you. 

Start Building Something Of Your Own

Start innovating in this space. Even if your robot or innovative idea solves a small purpose just go with it. If it is something that has already been made, in that case, you can use the power of your innovation to add further improvements to it. You can enhance its functionality for example, if there is a robotics project named Smart dustbin and it opens up when you touch its topside as its sensors detect the garbage and the internal coding let it open its topside. With the power of your creativity, you can introduce a new feature in it when it lets the user know the dustbin is full and when someone puts the garbage in it it starts beeping as a sign of Overflow. 

Today, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind regarding the relevance the field of robotics holds to various sectors, and common people as well. From absolutely jaw-dropping innovations like sea robots, swimming robots, home robots, the field of robotics has amazed everyone. As of now, more & more people are now warming up to the idea of learning about robotics, but this can be further expedited & there is an increased need to do so as well because robotics as an innovative space is not going to lose its relevance & is surely one for the future. Anyone who is a “tinkerer” in the general sense of the word, will most probably develop an interest in this field.

How Tinkerly Coding Courses & STEM kits help a Newbie in learning Robotics?

One can make use of coding courses & STEM kits & more precisely get on board a process of STEM Learning. There are a plethora of coding courses & STEM education courses that make the learning of robotics & other related innovative technologies fairly lucid for a newbie.

Tinkerly’s STEM Learning & coding courses are among one of these courses that are quite innovative and introduces newbies to robotics in a seemingly easy way. 

By way of Tinkerly’s coding courses & STEM kits, one can foster innovation, problem-solving skills. Tinkerly’s STEM education prepares one with valuable skill sets & helps them discover their power of innovation. Leveraging from this new kind of learning, which has become quite a rage, learning about the field of robotics becomes quite interesting.

The thing that differentiates Tinkerly’s courses from others is that Tinkerly’s coding courses offer the following benefits:

  1. It uses Flipped-learning modules that help students to learn anytime, anywhere.
  2. It is blended with interactive STEM Learning kits that take the learning journey beyond the screens and reduces overall screen time by almost 50 percent.
  3. It gives practical exposure to kids with its play-based course curriculum that teaches 21st-century skills to young minds. 
  4. These courses also enable experiential learning(which is a very engaged learning process and fosters one’s creativity)
  5. By taking up the courses offered by tinkerly, a newbie will be able to learn concepts related to the field of robotics & apply it, as in it onboards one on the process of building their next generation of robots. They can get a good platform where the students can bring their innovative ideas to life. 

These coding courses blended with interactive STEM learning kits are a fairly easy way to integrate everything needed to learn in the field of robotics.

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