Robotics for Kids: Learn How To Build A Smart Dustbin For Free

Get ready to be amazed! We will talk about the robotics-based project for kids based on the smart dustbin system for free. So, let’s participate in the Swachh Bharat Mission and improve solid waste management with our real-life project!

What Is The Need Of Using A Smart Dustbin System?

 Many people are either too germophobic or too lazy to care. So they avoid touching the surface of the lid of the dustbin while throwing their waste. So, they throw their waste products on or around the dustbin. But this practice will further increase the contamination of the dustbin. The area around the dustbin gets filled with a foul smell and invites many flies & mosquitoes around the bin. Thus the dustbin will become the hotspots for many germs to thrive. Therefore, you need to find a solution to this problem. 

A smart dustbin system is a good way to improve this type of solid waste management at your home. With the help of your Arduino Uno and other equipment like ultrasonic sensor, servo motor, jumper wires, USB cables, battery and battery clip, etc. you can easily design the Smart Dustbin system as shown below:

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What Is Logic Behind The Robotics Project Of Smart Dustbin?

The overall concept is simple. The ultrasonic sensor is used to detect any object, for instance, a person’s hand. When it detects a person’s hand, then it will trigger Arduino Uno that will calculate its distance. It matches this distance with the predefined value, in case the distance of the person’s hand is less than the predefined value, it will activate the Servo motor. It will then complete its specified task to open the lid of the dustbin so that the person can throw the waste product into it. After the person throws the waste product, the lid of the dustbin gets closed down automatically. 

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What Are The Features Of A Smart Dustbin System?

This robotics project for kids has the following features:

1. It consists of an automatic open-close lid for ease of use.

2. With the help of a smart dustbin, there is no need for a person to manually open the lid of the dustbin. Therefore, the person is safe from catching germs and diseases from the dirty surfaces of the dustbin.

3. The lid of the dustbin will automatically be closed down after the person throws away the waste products in the bin. Therefore the waste products are not exposed, and it helps to avoid flies and mosquitos.


In this blog, we have learned about the process of building a smart dustbin system with the help of Arduino Uno and various electrical components. We have also learned about its real-life applications and how it can improve solid waste management. Stay tuned for our next upcoming blog based on yet another interesting robotics-based project for kids.

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