5 Reasons Why Parents Must Encourage Their Kids To Learn AI

AI is all around us. From the recommendation system of Netflix to ridesharing apps like Uber and Ola. The future possibilities of using the applications of Artificial Intelligence are endless. 

For young minds, learning AI is like exploring new horizons and making them future-ready. Even the Indian Government is taking various steps to teach AI for education transformation. According to the National Education Policy(NEP) 2020 it has been suggested to introduce AI as a part of the curriculum. Also, CBSE(Central Board of Secondary Education) has already introduced AI as one of the subjects in 9th grade from 2019-20 & in Class 11th from 2020-21 in CBSE affiliated schools.  

Thus, parents should encourage their children to learn AI because it will help them understand how AI-based applications work and how it has made our life more comfortable than ever before.

What Are The Advantages Of Learning AI From An Early Age?

Listed below are the reasons why parents should encourage their children to learn AI from an early age:

1. It Makes Young Minds Future-Ready 

The knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for kids will make them future-ready and provide them with job security. This will give them a competitive advantage and enhances their chances of getting hired in lucrative jobs. According to the report from the World Economic Forum (WEF), it has been predicted that AI will generate almost 58 million jobs in the next few years. Therefore, It is a very smart choice to encourage your kids to learn about AI(Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning from an early age.

2. It Makes Them Innovators Of Tomorrow

The children generally find the monotonous undirected coding boring and they lose interest in it. But with the addition of AI in the coding makes the process of coding engaging and exciting. AI tends to present a problem in front of them that is generally based on real-life scenarios. This way the kids use their problem-solving and logical thinking skills to solve the problem at hand and become the creator of the solution.

3. It Enhances Their Creativity

In their early years, children are of curious nature. They are very imaginative and possess a greater learning ability. By encouraging children to learn the concepts of AI & ML at an early age, parents can fuel up their curiosity and push them in the right direction. By interacting with these innovative technologies of AI and ML, the kids will get a chance to bring out their innovative ideas to life and enhance their creativity. It will inspire young minds to create real-life projects that can solve real-world problems. 

4. It Enhances 21st Century Skills Among Young Minds

By learning the basic principles of AI(Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning, the students will gain 21st-century skills such as Logic Building, Problem-solving, Better Decision Making, and algorithmic thinking that will help them in all walks of life. The students will learn how to approach a problem from a different perspective. 

5. It Helps To Develop Child’s Interest Towards Hands-on Learning

The AI-based courses are based more on the hands-on learning approach rather than just learning the theory. Therefore, it will make these courses interactive for kids. They will learn about the practical aspects of AI by working on real-life projects. For example, Tinkerly’s AI + Coding course offers a Troot kit that is an AI-learning STEM toy that consists of 8+ projects based on AI. Each project solves a particular problem of the society and the kids will learn how they can use AI applications for contributing towards the betterment of society. 

How Tinkerly Helps Young Minds To Learn AI From An Early Age?

Tinkerly is a well-known edtech company that offers Coding + AI courses that are blended with interactive STEM learning kits. In one of the STEM learning kits, Tinkerly provides an AI-learning toy – Troot that is India’s First Artificial Intelligence Learning Toy. This Troot product of Tinkerly is specially designed keeping in mind the kids of 8+ years of age. It helps to sow the seeds of Artificial Intelligence among young minds. The Troot uses a scenario-based approach using which the children first understand the problem and then by using AI principles and concepts solve those problems by building a prototype, training it, and integrating a machine learning model. Troot consists of Plug & Play modules. 

FAQ for Troot

Tinkerly leverages its learning pedagogy by way of its play-based course curriculum. It has provided students with a model that gives them the freedom to explore their creativity. It makes coding + AI learning engaging and very thought-provoking. While all of these are advantages very unique to Tinkerly, the more intriguing point that it brings to the fore by way of these advantages are:

1. It focuses on a hands-on learning approach. It is a very engaged learning process and offers young minds a chance to bring to the fore his/her creativity.

2. It reduces unproductive screen time as there is less emphasis on theory rather, putting things learned into practice using interactive STEM learning kits that help to foster cognitive & analytical skills.


In a nutshell, every parent must understand that AI is a key area of focus for their children. So the earlier they learn about this innovative technology the better they will increase their chance of future employability.

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