Why Is There A Considerable Spike In Python Learning?

Python is a simple, clean and fast to write programming language with an easy syntax. If we compare Python programs with Java, then you will find that the programs that are built in python are typically 3-5 times shorter than Java programs. Python uses the .py extension. 

For a newbie, who is starting out in programming, learning python is the best way to start as the syntax of Python is easy to understand.

By using the power of python coding, a user can create GUI & CGI in just a few lines of code.

Why Python Is A Perfect Fit For Beginners?

The most basic yet most important reason for novices is learning Python. When studying programming and coding, you do not want to start with a programming language with complicated syntax and strict restrictions. 

Python is both understandable and accessible. Python is also simple to set up; it lacks the classpath concerns that plague Java and the compiler troubles that plague C++. 

Simply download and run it! When you write anything in Python, you’ll want to show it off to people since it’s so beautiful to look at, which isn’t always the case in other languages.

Generally when we write a code for addition of 2 numbers in C, we write as:


Let’s have a look at simple python syntax 

For example, if you like to print two numbers in python then you will write as:


When you run it you will get the result. Hence, it is clear that if we compare python with other programming languages, then it has a simple syntax.

As time passes, we can see that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are becoming the gleam in every developer’s eye. This is why  learning python is popular with beginners as well as experts. Python demand has increased as a result of this.

According to some old-school coders/working professionals, there are certain unfavorable perceptions about Python’s “non-serious” attitude. Nonetheless, the growing need for python coders appears to contradict this theory. DataFlair has outlined several crucial factors to demonstrate this.

What Are The Reasons for the Rise in Demand for Python Learning?

Python is an interpreted language, a virtual machine can translate it to any other machine language that the hardware knows. It has utility in complex scenarios with variables, objects, complex arithmetic or boolean expressions, and other ideas to exponentially expand its demand and use. 

Machine learning’s progress has been tremendous in recent years, and it is swiftly transforming everything around us. Every day, algorithms become more complex. For instance, Google’s search and Uber are entirely algorithm-based.

Compared to Java, machine learning libraries discovered more information around Python since the developer community currently prefers Python to anything else for machine learning.

Application In Web Development:

Two out of three engineers who previously worked with PHP have switched to Python for backend development. Python’s popularity has risen dramatically in the last two years as it has shown to be a superior choice. It has a lot of valuable tools and frameworks, such as Flask and Django, that make web development simple. 

Some of the most well-known product-based platforms have embraced Python, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Google, Netflix, and Spotify. In web development, Python provides more robust code that may be utilized to construct flexible use cases, despite the prevalent view of Python.

Application In Data Science:

Data Science is all about working with massive volumes of data (Big Data).

In comparison to other accessible languages, such as R or C++, Python has a particular place in the hearts of Data Scientists.

 Python has become the most promising solution to manage it due to its ease of use and an enormous number of modules and frameworks! 

One of the major reasons is PyBrain, PyMySQL, and NumPy. Python’s simple interface with other computer languages is yet another leap forward, making it more flexible and future-oriented.

Application In Automation 

You must develop test scripts to automate processes, and this is where learning Python comes into play in automation. The time and quantity of lines necessary to create programs for tools will astound you. Python makes things easier and even emphasizes the capability of Python by supporting several tools and modules. With basic Python programs, advanced automation may be achieved quickly. Software testing is one of the most time-consuming activities in automation, and Python helps it run faster!

Python’s overall work is appropriately described by its Swiss Army knife-like character. It is not restricted to a single discipline; you may engage in various activities. You don’t need to utilize a SQL server or a MongoDB database to get data; Python supports every one of these information sources with simple syntax.

What Is The Future Of Learning Python?

Python is developing at a breakneck pace, and it appears like everyone is using it. So learning Python, a rising programming language, makes a lot of sense. 

Python is growing increasingly popular as the number of people who use it grows. It will not only help you get a job fast, but it will also help you advance in your profession. After simplicity, career possibilities are one of the most compelling reasons for novices to learn Python.

Last but not least, money speaks! Salary is what keeps everyone going. Python developers are among the highest-paid professions. 

As per ambition box, an experienced python developer can earn an average salary of approx. ₹ 20 Lakhs per year.

These occupations shine especially in the domains of data science, machine learning, and web development. However, many aspects that influence it are also influenced by experience, geography, and speciality.

What Is The Best Way To Start Learning Python For Beginners?

With the growing need for programming skills in today’s world, if you don’t know Python, you’re truly missing out. Nonetheless, it is an excellent method to begin learning the basics of coding. 

Learning Python will be a terrific chance for coders who already know C/C++ and Java to achieve more in less time in the fascinating disciplines of data science, machine learning, and many more in demand!

If you don’t want to miss out & want to stay ahead than your peers, then start learning python for free. 

All you have to do is download the Let’s Tinker App and start learning python in the language of your choice English & Hindi. There are best python courses available on the Let’s Tinker app that a user can learn anytime, anywhere. 

Summing Up!

In this blog, we have learned about the Python programming language and its benefits for beginners. We also discussed the applications of python on some of the popular platforms.   

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