What Are Some Good Parenting Tips to Follow During the Lockdown Phase?

Everyone wants to be a good parent. But due to busy work-life or any other reason parents sometimes find it difficult to manage this responsibility properly. Parenting is a responsibility that requires a lot of dedication, hard work, and mutual understanding. This COVID-19 situation has given both parents and kids a chance to spend a lot of time together at home. Thus, this lockdown is a perfect opportunity for parents who want to be a role model for their kids.

Good News for the Parents who are looking for ways to brush up their parenting skills!

Given below are some of the finest tips of good parenting which you need to implement in this lockdown period.

Follow a Daily Routine

As a parent, it is your duty to make your child realize that this lockdown is not to be treated like a holiday but as an opportunity to learn some new things by maintaining a regular routine.

You need to make them understand the benefits of following the same routine which they were following in their lives post lockdown. For example, if the school timing is from 8 to 2 PM then the kid needs to dedicate these “School Hours” in learning activities. These activities include reading new topics from the syllabus in advance, learning from online resources, practicing hard topics, etc.

Apart from educational tasks, you also need to make your child more independent by teaching them daily useful chores like making the bed after waking up, putting things in proper order, declutter the desk after finishing the work, etc. This way your child will learn about responsibility. It is a positive parenting style that will ensure a good future for the child.

Spreading Health Awareness

In this positive parenting tip, you need to make your child aware of the importance of maintaining proper hygiene on a regular basis. Tell your kid about how various diseases generally spread and the preventive measures using which the child can save himself from the diseases. It is a very stressful & confusing time going on around the world.

The kids have a curious nature and they must be having a lot of questions about the COVID-19. So you need to answer all the questions which your kids are requesting to clear his doubts. You also need to make your kid understand the importance of “Social Distancing” in a simple manner. In a nutshell, you need to prepare your child for today as well as for tomorrow so that if something like this COVID-19 will occur in the near future again then your child will know how to deal with it.

Have Some Family Time

To ensure good parenting, parents need to dedicate some amount of “Family Time” to their busy schedules. This “Family Time” will help you in bonding with your kids. It is totally up to the parents how they want to spend this time. There are many things which you can do with your kids such as- have a one-on-one conversation, play a game, prepare a delicious meal with the help of your kid, or simply having dinner together as a family, etc.

This “Family Time” will de-stress both the parents as well as the child from the stressful situation that is going on around the world. The kids will learn valuable lessons from the childhood experiences of their parents and develop a new perspective of looking at things. Spending this quality time together will result in the creation of some wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

Have a Reward System In Place

Always remember to treat your child with respect. If your child completes all the tasks assigned by you with full dedication then you need to give him a reward as a gesture of appreciation. This “Reward Policy” will encourage the child to be in good behavior and increase their self-esteem. Everyone loves a bit of appreciation every once in a while.

If you as a parent are appreciating your child by rewarding him with something then it will strengthen your relationship with your child. There are many ways using which you can reward your kids such as appreciating them by saying ” Good Boy!” or by giving a “High five” etc. when they give excellent performance. The parents can choose any type of reward system they seem fit to use. It is considered as one of the finest positive parenting tips that the parents can use at their house.

Limiting Gadgets Usage Time

Kids just love using gadgets. They spend countless hours on gadgets browsing and playing video games. But excessive use of these gadgets is not good as it wastes a lot of valuable time which must be invested somewhere else in doing something meaningful.

But if you take away the gadgets from your kids then they will start throwing a tantrum. So the trick is to limit the gadget usage time instead of complete restriction. You need to allocate a time at which the kids can access the gadgets after their regular studies are finished. This way the child will not be discouraged and will also have fun with the gadgets to change their mind.

So, We are pretty sure that after reading these tips which are given above you will learn the valuable lesson of good parenting.

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