Python for Beginners: Which Commonly Used Websites Are Built Using Python?

Python web development is becoming increasingly popular among businesses for their technical needs.

According to Salary Expert, the average python developer’s gross salary in India is around 18,01,225. Python programmers adore the language due to its clarity and straightforward grammar.

Python is a popular back-end programming language that many of today’s top tech businesses use for their websites. Here are 6 well-known websites that were created with Python.

1. Instagram

Instagram is a well-known photo & video sharing social networking platform which has approximately 1.440 billion users around the world. Do you know that Instagram uses Python programming language on its backend? As per Instagram’s engineering team:

Instagram currently has the world’s largest Django web framework deployment, which is written entirely in Python. We initially chose Python because of its reputation for simplicity and practicality, which aligns well with our “do the simplest thing first” philosophy.

Instagram engineers have created open-source tools like the Python static type checker Pyre, which Instagram uses to examine its server software and to enhance developer efficiency. Additionally, Instagram engineers have produced developer tools like LibCST for Python code analysis. Due to Instagram’s short restart time after testing new features Python is used for the purpose of fast iterations.

2. Spotify

Spotify is one of the largest music streaming service platform with more than 433 million monthly active users. Python is primarily used at Spotify to serve Backend services and Data analysis.

Backend Services:

The backend of Spotify is made up of numerous interdependent services that are connected via a custom messaging protocol using ZeroMQ. As per experts, 80% of these services are written in Python programming language. Python is a good fit for Spotify as it puts a lot of emphasis on speed. Spotify also heavily rely on Python async libraries to aid IO-bound services.

Data Analytics:

Analytics are heavily used by the Spotify team in both product development and decision-making. We employ our Luigi package to make Hadoop interactions simpler. Spotify uses Luigi, a Python-based ETL tool, to power its Hadoop data intelligence operations. Instead of continuous, streaming activity, it helps developers schedule, manage, and track batch jobs. 

3. Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud-based platform that serves the purpose of file storage, syncing, and, sharing etc. When we compare dropbox to more traditional methods of FTP or emailing filing as an attachments, we find that Dropbox has the capability to transfer large files which crosses the maximum attachement size limit. 

According to Dropbox’s freemium business model, customers can sign up for a free account with a certain amount of storage( 2 GB of free storage space). For more space, they need to get paid subscriptions as per their requirements. Dropbox uses Python because of its cross-platform support, better readability and Ease of learning. Python offers a rapid development cycle, which is essential for the implementation, testing, and deployment of new features in the Dropbox. 

4. Netflix

Netflix is a video streaming site with a large selection of entertaining TV episodes, films, anime, and documentaries. Python-based apps are used by Netflix to manage the majority of their network devices. Netflix developers claim that from security tools to its recommendation algorithms and its in-house content distribution network (CDN), Open Connect, Python is utilised throughout the whole content lifecycle. 

Python is a programming language that is used by Netflix’s information security team to carry out a number of very essential tasks such as risk classification, vulnerability identification, security automation, and auto-remediation, etc. efficiently.

Netflix uses machine learning significantly in several areas. They base a lot of their machine learning applications on Metaflow, a Python framework that simplifies the use of machine learning projects and pushes the capabilities of Python to function even more effectively.

5. Bitly

It’s interesting to note that Python web programming is solely responsible for the Bitly platforms’ existence. Python web programming is used by the well-known Bitly-URL shortener site to handle links. It now holds the title of most used URL shortener in the world, managing more than 600 million URLs created each month in a majority of companies across the world.

6. Quora

For building the frontend and backend interface for a website like Quora, Python performs far better than PHP due to its readability and efficiency. It streamlines the development process by enabling the creation of more functions with fewer lines of code.

Python accelerated the brainstorming process, saving Quora money, time, and effort. Python offers a far more robust environment and standard library, which could aid developers in writing code. Python 2.6 is easily switchable for Quora’s developers because it is compatible with many libraries already in use.

Summing Up!

In this python for beginners blog we have talked about 6 well known companies that use Python in their functionality one way or the other. We also learned the scope of learning python programming language.

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