SRJNA To – The Beginning Of A New Journey

Winning accolades across several platforms might not be enough to sustain the ruthless competitors, that exist in the education ecosystem today. Staying relevant and true to one’s business objectives are given equal weight-age in today’s market. This realization has compelled the founding fathers to rethink and revamp their existing marketing strategy. 

Often, extensive brand promotion is not enough to expand one’s market reach. What if the end-users and buyers fail to relate their requirements with the brand name SRJNA? The years of hard work and dedication will just end up going back to the drawing board. The founders of SRJNA understood the brand revamping significance and have chalked out an elaborate plan of rebranding and remarketing their brainchild – SRJNA.

Today, we announce the launching of, the better, revamped version of SRJNA. 

Tracing the glorious journey from SRJNA to! 


Despite the fact that SRJNA became a name to reckon with in the Advanced Learning Solution industry, however the name, ‘SRJNA’ was considered a misfit and somewhat irrelevant to the education ecosystem. Often, the name has created misconceptions in the mind of the students and other scholars. Few considered it to be an acronym, few others misspelled the name as ‘SRIJNA’ and there are others, especially users in non-Hindi speaking states and western countries, who had difficulty in correctly pronouncing the term ‘SRJNA’. Also, not to mention the challenges promoters face in their attempt to positioning it and getting the leverage of SRJNA’s existing brand. So, we realized the imperativeness of changing the brand name to something that is to pronounce, recall, and type, especially for the global consumers. 

We felt it is time to rethink our strategy to properly connect the company’s brand to its values and processes. Since we have elaborate plans to expand our business Pan India and in global markets, promote different products under the same brand, and obvious legal reasons, a brand of that stature will be helpful. We deal with Tinkering Kits and the name ‘’ will aptly justify that in the world market and speak the work we do. 

The same goes for our new logo. 

The Revamped Logo of

The brand logo has acquired a complete revamped look to help viewers easily relate to our core business. We scanned different designs, brainstormed multiple ideas and finally narrowed down to the one which closely represents the tools and equipment used in the innovative and Tinkering labs.

The logo has a chime tong going inside the pen-drive. The image symbolizes the amalgamation of physical tinkering tools with tech companies. Also, the pen-drive is shaped in the form of a hexagonal wrench tool which brings in another relevant tool. These tools and equipment are common in the labs which are designed specifically to help students get a strong hand on the STEM subjects. Also, the colors used in the logo have been changed. The original red and blue colors which were used initially in the logo to represent the Innovation and Tinkering Labs have been replaced with black and yellow colors. 

The use of bright colors in the company’s logo is easily visible on the screen and from a distance, against the white background. The original red and blue colors created less impact in the minds of the users and hence this transformation was needed. 

Our brand enhancement strategy goes way beyond a simple brand name and logo makeover. It reflects our company’s commitment to “Nurture Innovative Brains, Not Learned Machines”. We believe will successfully reach every nook and corner of India’s education sector. 

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