Making STEAM Learning More Accessible, Hassle-free, & Flexible With Lets Tinker

Since its launch in 2019, the Lets Tinker app is gaining popularity in terms of how students can freely access well-curated STEAM-based content and enrich their classroom and lab experiences. The main aim of designing this app is to nurture future skills in the form of hobbies in children. The idea is that they will enjoy STEAM concepts while gaining the necessary knowledge. We want to fuel the curiosity of young minds by teaching them real-life practical applications of STEAM in their day-to-day lives in a fun & interactive manner.

With the help of our users’ constant love & support for the app, we have successfully reached the milestone of 50K+ app downloads.

It motivates us to provide a better user experience to our app users. We have received several feedback & suggestions regarding our app. 

Some of these feedbacks are given down below:

The Let’s Tinker App is only available on the android & web versions. The people who use the iOS platform urged us to launch this app on the iOS platform. They have received many good recommendations regarding the app from their friends and relatives. These people also want their children to experience the same learning outcomes as well. 

  1. While booking a demo or scheduling a live class, the students need to leave the app to use Zoom/Google Meet separately. 
  2. Many students have made really exciting real-life projects using our app. To showcase their creativity, they have suggested a feature in the app that allows them to share their creation with peers & family members via social media platforms. 
  3. To better serve the needs of our users, our team has taken these suggestions as a challenge and worked really hard to add some additional functionality within the app. Thus, we are coming up with some new exciting features on the beta version of the Lets Tinker that will be launching soon. It will make this app more interactive, easy-to-use, platform-independent, and provides a hassle-free learning environment with in-app live classes via zoom integration. 

What Are The Upcoming Features Of The Let’s Tinker App?

Some of these features are listed down below:

1. Take Your Learning One Step Further 

Within the app, in addition to the fun-learning 100+ STEAM-based activity videos, we have integrated the coding courses within the app. The objective here is to enable the students who are interested in gaining in-depth knowledge about the topic of their choice.

They can directly subscribe to our courses within the application with ease. The best thing about it all is that they will also get certified by after the completion of these courses.  

2. Freedom to Learn Anytime, Anywhere

We are getting a lot of requests from non-android users who are interested in using our platform. This beta version solves it all.  By doing some technical tweaks, we have introduced platform independence in our app’s functionality i.e our app is now available on multiple platforms. In addition to the android, the students can also access this app on iOS and the web.

They can even enjoy the activity videos on a larger screen, their tablet, or MacBook as per their convenience. We give our users the flexibility in case they switch their phone from android to iOS so that they will continue to enjoy uninterrupted learning via our app. 

3. New & Improved Hassle-free Learning At One Place

With this app, we try to bring everything to one place. We noticed that in our earlier version of the app, students have to leave the app in order to attend the demo session and live classes. We have added the necessary functionality to the app. The live classes of our courses are now integrated with zoom to provide a hassle-free learning environment for the students. Now the students don’t have to look out for the calendar & email notification separately.

Everything can be managed through a single platform only. In addition to this, we have introduced a new feature of in-app feedback & support mechanism that will help us in making our system even better.

4. Ability To Share Your Innovation With The World

We have added an exciting functionality in our app that allows our users to share their creations across the globe either in the STEAM community or through social media platforms from the application itself. It enables users to share any interesting project that they have created with their peers and showcase their creativity with the rest of the world.

5. To Enhance The Spirit Of Competition Among Users

In simple terms, leaderboards are a visualization of a user’s overall achievements. The main objective of using a leaderboard in the app is to spice things up a bit and maintain the spirit of competition among the community. This app uses a leaderboard system that ranks its members. This system shows the user where they stand in relation to other members of the community. Whenever the user completes a particular action on the app, it scores a point. For example, when a user enrolls in an achiever course or completes a quiz or assignment, etc. 

The leaderboard system works as a real-time feedback system for the user. It motivates them to improve their performance.  We have added this feature in our app to give room for healthy competition and increase user retention and engagement with the app. 

We hope that our users will enjoy our new exciting features on the beta version of the Lets Tinker app and continue their learning journey with us.

Feel free to drop any suggestions or feedback with us at

Stay tuned with us & keep experiencing the fun side of STEAM learning! 

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