A Perfect Guide On How To Apply For National Tinkering Awards

Do you have a creative mind filled with innovative ideas ?

Are you looking for ways to transform that idea into a workable solution that can solve real-life problems?

Worry no more! Tinkerly and Rishihood University have got you covered!

Just get yourself registered for the national level competition of National Tinkering Awards 2021 and get a chance to bring your innovative ideas to life. 

Now you must be wondering how you can apply for the National Tinkering Awards? 

Let’s get started!

How To Apply For National Tinkering Awards?

The application process is divided into two major steps as given below:

Step-1 This part includes the basic registration details. To fill out the registration form click here

Step-2  You can submit your idea /solution using the same login credentials before the deadline i.e (30th June 2021)

Now Step-1 is quite basic and self-explanatory. Let’s discuss Step-2 of the application process in detail. 

In order to submit your idea/solution, first you need to download the idea submission template and prepare your report, presentation and video according to it. 

What Kind Of Details Must Be Included In The Idea/ Solution Presentation?

1. Introduction Of Your Team

You need to add information about your team and specify whether you are participating as an Individual or Group. It also requires the following details of each founder such as:

1. Name & email addresses of the founder & co-founders along with their photographs.

2. A brief background of the co-founders such as their age, school name, achievements. ( within 150 character limit)

2. Problem Statement

You need to mention the practical usage of your innovative idea or solution and you need to specify what type of customer problem or challenge your innovative idea is trying to solve. 

For example, consider this problem statement of Axis Rotator robotics project

3. About Idea/Solution

You need to add a brief description of your idea in 3-5 lines(250 characters) along with themes that apply to your idea, for example, Education, Healthcare, Environment, etc.

A brief description about the Axis Rotator

4. About Your Product

You can take the help of images, videos, useful links, graphs, charts, etc. to explain your innovation in a visual manner. You also need to specify how your product is different from the other competitors or current solutions.

For example, Consider the Let’s Tinker App Product Description

5. Breakdown of your Product

Now you need to explain the step-by-step breakdown of how does your product is manufactured or how the technology is used in your product. 

6. Target Audience and Market Size

You need to specify your target customers who will most likely use/buy your solution. Also, you need to show how big is this opportunity in terms of how many users in India would be available for such a solution.

7. Revenue Model and Unit Economics

In this part you need to show how you will earn you revenue, what are various streams from where revenue is generated

Retail Selling Price = Wholesale price (if licensed to a larger company) = Cost of the product (per unit)

8. Unique Selling Points

In this part, you need to mention the USP of your product. You also need to do the competitor analysis for this part to showcase the specialty of your product.

9. Previous Achievements or Awards

In this part, you need to add two things:

1. Any other award or achievement by the same team members in the past whether the same product or any other.

2. You need to add a few lines regarding why do you deserve be decorated with “National Tinkering Awards”

After filling out all the things in your report/presentation/video just login and answer, verify and submit all the questions with the required answers. 

Note: Please proofread your Report/Presentations/Videos as once these are submitted you will not be able to edit them again. 

Which Elements Must Be Included Before The Final Submission of the Project?

The participants need to take care of certain elements to be included in the project before final submission. Those are as below:

Hurry Up! The last date for applying is till 30th June 2021. To know more click on the button down below:

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