Tinkerly’s Initiatives: KLAS- A Covid-Proof Way of Learning Part-1

Tinkerly has come up with an innovative unique product in the form of KLAS which is a Made in India product created by Indians using which the  Indian school  can ensure a proper balance between Safety and education whenever the school gets reopened. The KLAS is the need of the hour during these harsh times of COVID-19 infection and it is designed in such a way that it provides a plastic protection desk shield for the student and limits their contact with their peers.

What is KLAS?

In simple words, KLAS is a classroom structure which helps to ensure proper social distancing measures in schools after the schools get reopened. The design of KLAS is such that the desks & benches are covered from 3 sides with proper visibility and  space for the student.

The product of KLAS is like a savior for students and provides them with a safe & Infection-free environment for learning. The students can pay attention to their studies in the classroom without worrying about getting sick  or infected with COVID-19 infection. 

Why is KLAS a Good Option?

Given below are some of the features of KLAS

1. It is very cost effective and is easily affordable.

2. It is designed by using a high quality material.

3. It is properly locked & safe. 

4.  It has a surface which is Scribble proof in nature

5. It is Installed with proper care.

6.  It is easy to disinfect & clean on a regular basis. 

How Many Versions of KLAS is Available?

The KLAS is basically available in 2 main versions- Clear Guard & Opaque Guard. 

1. Clear Guards

In this version of KLAS, the transparent side shield will allow the panoramic visibility for both students and teachers. This version of KLAS comes up with 3 variants in front shield – Super Shield(3mm), Ultra Shield(2.7mm) and Standard shield (2.3mm)

2. Opaque Guards

This version of KLAS consists of colored side shields which is most robust and economical and it can also be matched up with school brand colors to give it a good feeling. It  also consists of the same 3 variants of  Super Shield(3mm), Ultra Shield(2.7mm) and Standard shield (2.3mm)

What are the Advantages of Using KLAS?

1.  It is a revolutionary product which must be implemented by school management in their schools so that parents will also get confident enough to send their kids to schools.  

2. The KLAS product is cost effective and is affordable.

3. It helps to create a perfect learning environment for kids and reduces the burden of wearing protective helmets for continuous hours in the classroom.

4. It is easy to sanitize on a regular basis. 

5. It is created by using a high quality material which acts as a protective shield and reduces the chances of contracting a  virus infection.  

So, you all have learned about the features and benefits offered by KLAS from this blog. If you are a school owner and are looking for a product which ensures proper social distancing measures in your schools whenever the schools get reopened then you must definitely try out our KLAS product. 

If you are interested in our KLAS product and want to know more then visit and fill out your details to know more

In the next part of the Tinkerly’s Initiatives blog series we are going to talk about yet another initiative that will help during these tough times of COVID-19. So, Stay tuned for more!

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