How Tinkerly is Promoting Hands-on Learning with its Self Paced Online STEM Learning & Coding course?

The unique concept of incorporating STEM toys within the course curriculum is the most innovative idea which makes Tinkerly’s STEM Learning & coding courses much better than the other online coding courses in the market. This course helps students of different learning abilities by providing a self-paced coding course which consists of recorded lessons with weekly live One-on-one sessions conducted by expert educators who are graduates from Top tier institutions having an experience of mentorship. 

Tinkerly’s STEM learning & Coding Course consists of 2 class packages- Learner & Achiever.  If you opt for the Achiever package which is worth Rs. 16,000/- then only you will be able to get access to the STEM kits. 

What types of STEM Kits are Offered by Tinkerly’s STEM Learning & Coding Course?

Given below are the list of STEM kits offered by the course for the students who have opted for the “Achiever Package” of the course:

Elementary IoT Kit(For Grade 1-3)

Water Sanitation IoT Kit (For Grade 4-6)

Robo DIY Kit (For Grade 7-8)

Troot AI/ML Kit (For Grade 8+)

What are the Advantages of Incorporating STEM kits Into the Online Course Curriculum?

The Jaipur based startup- Tinkerly has solved the problem of passive screen-based learning in online coding classes by incorporating STEM toys within the course curriculum to give students a flavor of experiential learning. The advantages offered by this new and unique method of Hands-on Online Classes are given down below:

Enhances Overall Learning of the Kid

Tinkerly’s STEM learning and Coding course offer an all-round development of the kid by providing a combination of One-on-One Live session + Recorded lessons along with providing STEM kits to promote hands-on learning. The kid will learn not only the concepts of AI, IoT, robotics, and Coding but also work on practical knowledge and create awesome NextGen projects that will serve a useful purpose. 

Limit Screen Time

Tinkerly incorporates STEM Kits in their course curriculum with the objective to provide students with the experiential learning experience and limiting their screen time. Tinkerly’s STEM learning & Coding course is not only limited to the digital platforms only but goes beyond screens to promote hands-on learning for young students. The course teaches the students the practical aspects of “how things work” in real-life. 

Make Students Creators of Tangible NextGen Projects

With the help of Tinkerly’s STEM Learning & Coding course, the student not only consumes valuable knowledge from the expert educator through One-on-One Live sessions, but also utilize that information in creating NextGen projects on their own with the help of using the STEM kit which contains all the necessary materials that can help the students in building their own projects having the potential to solve the real-world problems. 

Builds Kid’s Confidence Level

Just imagine the confidence level of the student who is in 8th Grade and has created an innovative project of “Never Falling Robot” under the guidance of expert educators. By enrolling in Tinkerly’s STEM Learning & coding course, the student will get an exposure to practical aspects of STEM & Coding like never before. The student will get a chance to work on multiple live projects and the expert educators will provide him with consistent support. The student will not only build their confidence but also will develop an interest in the STEM field and may even consider programming as a career option. 

Improves Problem Solving & Cognitive Learning

By incorporating STEM kits in their course curriculum, Tinkerly encourages kids towards hands-on learning and improves their problem-solving & cognitive learning skills. These STEM kits will present the students with a chance to create a tangible NextGen project from scratch which can be utilized in real-life applications. While creating this project the student will face challenges which they will overcome using their own knowledge or by seeking help from our expert educator during the 1:1 Live session. This way they will develop problem-solving skills and experience the thrill of experiential learning. 


We have discussed how Tinkerly is making the monotonous Online coding classes fun by adding a flavor of experiential learning with the blend of STEM toys. We also talk about the advantages offered by incorporating STEM kits into the course curriculum.

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