How Coding Helps Young Minds To Develop 21st Century Skills?

When kids learn how to code, they will unlock a door to many future possibilities. Coding is not only limited to teaching students how to build real-life projects. It also helps young minds an opportunity to develop 21st-century skills. No matter which career path the kids will take in their future, these 21st-century skills will help them in all walks of life. 

So, let’s talk about these essential 21st-century skills one by one.

What Are The Four Most Essential 21st-century skills?

In simple words, 21st-century skills are defined as various types of skills that our young generation needs to succeed in their careers. Given below are some of the most useful skills that can prepare your child for a bright future:

1. Coding Enhances Logical Thinking Skills

Coding helps you in understanding how things work in real-life scenarios. It helps to enhance your kid’s ability to think in a logical manner while analyzing alternative solutions to solve a problem. With the help of learning how to code, the young minds will be able to develop their own theories, and they will test their theories against the known facts related to that problem. 

Coding encourages young minds to approach all the topics from a problem-solving mindset, and they will develop solutions to the problems based on the known facts. It also teaches students to test the effectiveness of a particular solution and make revisions if necessary. 

2. Coding Makes Your Child A Better Problem-Solver

The problem-solving skills help students figure out why a particular problem is happening and how to resolve that issue logically.

While running a code, a student may face a problem in getting the desired output. In such cases, he/she uses a problem-solving approach to solve a problem. There are basically four major steps to solve a problem:

  • Clearly define the problem.
  • Thinking about alternative solutions to solve a problem.
  • Evaluating and choosing the best alternative solutions.
  • Implementing the best possible solution that will solve the problem. 

When students try to solve a problem, they will apply various alternative techniques until they solve it. 

3. Coding Teaches Student’s Critical Thinking Skills

It is defined as an ability to think with a clear mind and understanding the logical connection between two ideas. This skill is all about making decisions based on reason and logic. The end goal of critical thinking is to find the best possible solution to solve a complex problem. 

Coding also teaches students a similar process as used in critical thinking. They try to solve a problem, make mistakes and learn from their mistakes. They will try again and again until they solve the problem. This way, the students will learn the mechanism of critical thinking with the help of coding. 

4. Coding Helps To Develop Algorithmic Thinking

In simple words, an algorithmic thinking approach automates the entire problem-solving process by using algorithms(A set of step-by-step instructions)  to complete a particular task. Coding helps to develop algorithmic thinking among young minds. These algorithms are a set of step-by-step instructions that adds efficiency to coding. Thus, to solve common problems in coding, an algorithmic thinking approach is used. 

What Are The Best Ways To Learn These 21st- Century Skills This Summer?

If your child is a newbie to the whole concept of coding, then it is advisable to first give them a foundational knowledge. There are many ways to learn coding at home during this summer. The best way of them all is to register your child in a Super-fun Tinkering Science Camp. It will give wings to your child’s curiosity and give him a chance to learn the basics of innovative technologies like AI, IoT, and Robotics in the comfort of your home. 

What makes Tinkerly’s Summer Camp stand out then camp is that it focuses more on teaching the practical approach of hands-on learning. In this way, it helps students better understand the fundamentals of innovative technologies like AI, IoT, and Robotics. The students will enhance their 21st-century skills more when they build real-life projects on their own. The overall experience of young minds is enhanced by using the hands-on approach and they will deliver good results.

Your child not only learns the concepts of Coding & Robotics but also gains 21st-century skills while working on real-life projects during the summer bootcamp. 

He will learn skills like problem-solving, analytical thinking, logical reasoning, algorithmic thinking, etc. in a more practical manner. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry Up! (Limited Seats Are Remaining) Register right now for the brand new batch. To register, click here


Coding fuels the curiosity of the children and helps to bring out their true potential. Learning how to code at an early age is very beneficial for young minds. They will learn 21st-century skills like problem-solving, logical thinking, critical thinking, algorithmic thinking, etc. They can utilize these skills in all walks of life and become better decision-makers.

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