Why Is It A Good Idea To Introduce Your Child To Coding & Robotics This Summer?

Summer vacations are just around the corner!

This summer, students need to stay indoors to keep the Coronavirus at bay. To ensure that your child’s summer vacations do not suffer, we are here to tell you how you can make the proper utilization of this summer by teaching your child Coding & Robotics in the comfort of their home.

Although there are many ways of gaining Robotics & Coding skills with the help of online coding courses for kids. But most of these coding courses lack in giving proper practical knowledge to the kids. This practical knowledge will help your child to build real-life projects so that they can utilize their summertime very well. 

Let’s explore various ways using which you can make your child’s summertime productive!

Spend Time With Your Child 

To multiply the fun and enhance the learning outcome of your child, parents must also need to engage with their children. After completing their Work-From-Home duties, the parents can spend quality time with their child. They can coordinate with them in building real-life projects or evaluate their performance by taking a weekly test.

The most important thing is that no matter which way parents are engaging with their child, this will boost up the child’s confidence level and he/she will be able to perform better. 

Join A STEM Learning & Coding Course

You can opt for Tinkerly’s STEM Learning & Coding course that is blended with the goodness of the STEM Learning kit. This course uses a flipped learning approach that takes the learning beyond the screen. It teaches students the practical way of “How Things Work?” in real-life scenarios. Based on the grade level of the student, they will gain insight and foundational knowledge about innovative technologies like AI, IoT, and robotics along with their real-life applications. 

Once your child completes this course, they will be able to develop real-life projects that will serve as a solution for many common pre-existing problems. For example, Suppose your child has developed a prototype for a hands-free cleaning system. This real-life project will help her mother in the house cleaning process. In this way, the kid will make the most productive utilization of his time and learn to build cool robotics-based projects. 

 Good Alternative to Unproductive Screen Time

The school homework is not enough to occupy the children for the whole day. After completing their homework, they will get bored and look for other ways to spend their time like watching movies, playing video games, and other unproductive activities. We are not saying that kids should work 24×7 and have no playtime, what we are saying is that there must be a proper balance between Fun & Learning. 

Participate In A Cool Tinkering Summer Camp

This is also a good idea to keep your child engaged. Enroll them in Tinkerly’s Smartest Tinkering Summer Camp 2021. This fascinating summer camp will provide a real-time Hands-on experience to your child. They will gain insight into innovative technologies like AI, Robotics, Electronics, etc. in just 5 Days!

Tinkering Summer Camp 2021 Launching Pretty Soon…..

The most wonderful thing about this whole Tinkering Summer Camp is that the students who complete this camp will be awarded a Certificate of “STEM Expert” that is powered by US-based STEM.org

Explore Tinkerly’s Free STEM Learning App- Let’s Tinker

Let’s Tinker App is a goldmine of STEM Knowledge. It consists of many STEM-based activity videos, an encyclopedia of Electronic components, Quizzes, and other STEM Learning material that will keep your child hooked for hours. This app fosters curiosity among young minds with the help of a wide collection of DIY activities based on scientific concepts.

This Free STEM Learning app offers a diverse range of STEM-based content based on STEM, Electronic components, advanced technology-based content on AI(Artificial Intelligence), IoT(Internet of Things), Robotics, etc.

It also consists of short video sessions based on these technologies. New sessions will also get uploaded on this app from time to time along with a quiz that tests the knowledge gained from the session and also offers exciting prizes to the top 10 contestants. 


With the help of this blog, we have learned about the various ways using which you can make the most productive utilization of summertime by introducing your child to the world of Coding & Robotics. We also discuss how your child will gain foundational knowledge about innovative technologies like AI, IoT, and Robotics that will make them future-ready.

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