Why is it a Good Idea to Choose Recorded-cum-Live Mode of Learning?

When it comes to Online courses then we find ourselves on a crossroads to choose between the two most popular ways of conducting the session- Recorded Sessions or Live Sessions. Both the mentioned modes have their own advantages to offer but if we use a combination of both in the form of Recorded-cum-Live sessions then we will get the benefits of both the modes. 

The Recorded-cum-Live sessions are the best combination of Recorded sessions+Live Sessions and have the best features of both. 

The advantages offered by Recorded-cum-Live sessions are given down below:

1. Self-paced Learning

With the help of Recorded-cum-Live sessions the students will get a chance to control the amount of course material which they wish to learn and they also have no fixed-time commitments and they can learn at any time, anywhere wherever they see fit. This is a wonderful blessing for the students who have comparatively slower knowledge retention than other students. The students can learn at their own pace and get a good understanding of the concept. 

2. Good For Revision

The students will learn the concept from recorded sessions at their own pace and ask their doubts and queries in the Live Session. It is very good for the revision of the concept and gets a deeper understanding of it by independently learning the concept on your own and then clearing your doubts through live sessions to get a solid foundation about it. 

3. Solves the One Device Issue

Many students have only one smartphone & laptop in their family which is commonly used by their siblings and parents. With the Recorded-cum-Live mode, one device issue gets resolved as the student has full control in choosing the most appropriate time for the live session & the recorded session as per the availability of the device from his/her parents or siblings. This way there will be no clashes for the usage of a single computing device. 

4. Customized learning

The expert educators will give customized learning experience to each individual student to better serve the needs of the students. Every student has a different learning style. The experienced educators try to explain a particular concept in different ways to the students to better suit their learning style.

5. Ease of Availability

With the help of Recorded-cum-Live sessions, the students will not miss out any important sessions due to slow internet or other technical issues since the recorded session can be watched anytime, anywhere as per the convenience of the student and also the student is in full control of booking the Live One-on-One sessions every week as per their choice.

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6. Flipped Learning 

The Recorded-cum-Live sessions use the Flipped learning approach in which the students can watch the recorded lessons on their own and write down their doubts & queries about the topics which they do not understand so that they will clarify their doubts in the one-on-one live sessions with expert educators.

What Other Learning Modes are Available in the Market for Online Courses?

Tinkerly’s Online AI, IoT, and Coding courses offer the Recorded-cum-Live sessions which are blended with STEM toys that will provide a hands-on learning experience for the students and make them aware of the practical aspects of “How things work?” in real-life situations.

By enrolling in Tinkerly’s Online AI, IoT & Coding courses the students will learn the craft of building the Next generation of projects that are capable of solving real-world problems. The students will not only consume the technology but can create new innovative technology with the help of taking part in these courses. Moreover, with the help of using these STEM toys, the students can limit their screen time and enjoy the thrill of experiential learning on their own. 

To get more information about Tinkerly’s Online Coding courses read this informative blog. 


In this blog, we have discussed the advantages of choosing the Recorded-cum-Live mode of learning and also learn about what other kinds of learning modes are offered by Tinkerly. It is a revolutionary idea to choose a combination of both recorded as well as One-on-One live sessions which are blended with STEM toys which provides a hands-on learning experience to the students.  

Tinkerly’s Online AI, IoT & Coding Courses Blended With STEM Toys For Kids Why is it Essential for Young Minds to Develop Coding Skills from an Early Age?