Discover How Tinkerly is Revolutionizing the Traditional Online Coding classes With Its Unique Offering

There are many types of online coding courses in the market which offer One-on-One Live Online classes to the students and teach them how to code and make interactive apps. The things which are most common among them all is that their online coding classes provide monotonous screen-based learning, offer costly packages, and provide a little scope of self-learning for the student.  

Tinkerly- a Jaipur based ed-tech startup has come up with an innovative solution that will resolve most of the underlying limitations of traditional online coding classes.

1. Better Alternative to Monotonous Screen-based Learning

Tinkerly’s STEM & coding course is not only limited to screen-based learning but also takes the learning beyond the screen by adding STEM kits in its play-based curriculum. It makes learning fun & interesting and gives students a chance to learn the grade-wise concepts of logic, AI, IoT & Coding for the Classes 1 to 12. under the guidance of expert educators.

The Live classes will be conducted by expert educators who are graduates of Top tier institutions and possess a good mentoring experience. The course curriculum is curated by a team of IITians and we ensure the best learning outcomes for our students therefore all our faculties go through rigorous training to deliver the best possible outcomes.

2. Affordable Class Packages

Unlike other online coding courses that charge a hefty course fee, Tinkerly on the other hand offers affordable class packages which can even be utilized by the people who do not have a very strong financial condition. 

Tinkerly offers 2 main class packages- Learner & Achiever:

Learner Package:

This class package will provide your child with basic foundational learning that consists of 8 recorded lessons with 3 Live online 1:1 sessions under the guidance of expert educators.

Achiever Package:

This class package is special as it consists of a STEM kit as well in its course curriculum. The Achiever package will provide your child with basic foundational learning, followed by simulation-based projects, and then it moves on to real tangible projects which are based on AI, robotics, IoT. It consists of 24 recorded lessons and 9 Live online 1:1 sessions under the guidance of expert educators. The thing which makes this class package unique is that it adds the flavor of experiential learning in its play-based course curriculum. 

3. Flipped Learning Modules

Tinkerly’s STEM & Coding course uses a flipped learning approach in their course curriculum. After a student chooses the class package(Learner or Achiever) of his/her choice then he/she will get access to recorded lessons that are available on the Let’s Tinker App. The student can watch these recorded lessons as per their convenience anytime, anywhere, and can note down their doubts and issues which they are having and seek solutions by using the support section of the Let’s Tinker App.

The expert educators will go through the doubts and will conduct a customized online 1:1 live class dedicated to doubt solving.

4. Limit Screen Time

By incorporating STEM toys in their play-based curriculum, Tinkerly has given the students a chance to learn beyond screens by engaging them in an interactive experiential learning environment. The students can shut down their devices while building their NextGen project and witness the power of hands-on learning on their own. These projects are Real-life tangible projects which will be created with the sole purpose of solving a real-life problem.

While building these projects the student will learn many useful skills such as problem-solving skills, computational thinking, Logic building concepts of robotics, AI, IoT, etc. that will be helpful for them throughout their life. Remember, when you choose the Achiever package of Tinkerly’s course offering then only you will get access to the STEM kit. 


We have learned about the features which make Tinkerly the most recommended choice for students to learn to code and build NextGen real-life projects that can solve real-life problems and make their parents proud!

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