Partnership With Tinkerly – A Future Filled With Possibilities

India has over 5400 Atal Tinkering Labs benefitting over 60 lakhs students under the scheme of AIM to water the curiosity in young minds. The statistics are evidence that education has now more to do with scorecards. The initiation has started by NITI Ayog and the government has recently approved more funds for the continuation of AIM until 2019-2020. 

The rapid development is stimulating the student’s interest that sets up the provision of a tinkering lab under the premises. 

As the government initiated, Tinkerly came up as one of the first and certified vendors to set up Atal Tinkering Labs in schools. Now they are also registered on Govt. E-Marketplace (GeM)

What Tinkerly Does and How It Started?

Tinkerly, formerly known as SRJNA, started in 2015 as an idea of three IIT Delhi and an XLRI alumnus. The initiation took flight with the purpose to replace the mugging up before exams with curiosity and innovation in every child’s paradigm. 

While moving ahead in the journey of encouraging learning by doing among schools, the company rebranded itself from SRJNA to Tinkerly. The reason behind rebranding was to introduce a new image that aligns with the company’s objective more than before. 

We choose Tinkerly! 

It refers to openness to experiments and innovation by making learning easy. 

Nowadays, Tinkerly is a successful brand and known for more than being another vendor of tinkering lab’s equipment. Take a look at what makes the brand unique as compared to other companies. 

Why Choose Us?

As a recognized startup – declared by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry – Tinkerly has made its impression in the market with its values and achievements. In the last 5 years, the association has enabled and inspired over 100,000 innovative minds across 200+ schools all over India. 

The early discovery of the void in the education system – parting the education from curiosity and experimenting – put them ahead in the competition. Tinkerly’s word-class solutions have brought them up on stage for various prestigious awards from IIT Delhi, Govt. of Rajasthan, Intel, Royal Academy of London, UC Berkeley. A few magazines like Entrepreneur India and Business Today have also appreciated their efforts. 

One of the Partners – Subject Coordinator of DPS, Pune has said; Tinkerly’s contribution in the education area is exemplary. Teachers’ training sessions are rich in innovation and practical knowledge. 

Other than the teacher’s training sessions, Tinkerly is providing some of the best benefits and products to its partners. 

Benefits to Tinkerly’s Partners

Being a government-funded organization, Tinkerly is dissolving the financial pressure and risks from the schools along with the following benefits. 

● Its approach provides 360° solutions to the teachers, students, schools, and even parents. 

● Other than emphasizing practical knowledge, Tinkerly takes care of the school’s curriculum too. Thus providing chapter wise practice sheets as homework. 

● They have the availability of content that educates students on tools in text and video formats along with 13×7 support. 

● Apart from tool packages, the company offers a ‘Tinker App – Let’s Tinker’ that has a complete solution and beginning sessions for teachers, challenges (that enhances and test students’ ability) and support – based on different difficulty levels. 

Where the Partnership Can Go in the Future?

Tinkerly believes in healthy relationships and have been on a record of keeping the same. The company is on the mission to uplift the young minds and carrying a target of impacting 5 million students in the next 3 years. Tinkerly also looks forward to becoming the Google of STEM soon. 

The discussion brings us to a few points where we can see how a partnership with school can go well in the future. 

● The expansion of the company can result in an opportunity for the partner institutes to witness practical and creative teaching in their premises. With the company’s continuous development, the connection to the broader and external communities will also rise in the upcoming years. 

● The recent study stated that STEM occupations have grown by 16.5%. Thus, the partners are opening the gateways to employment in addition to fun learning. 

● Our distinctive and practical methodologies are not just evolving the level of education but also improving the academic values of our partners. 

How To Become a Partner?

Tinkerly avoids inconvenient and complicated things for its partners. Thus, they have a hassle-free inquiry form, with just four fields to fill in, for you to reach them. Once you’re done with your part, you will receive a call to discuss how valuable the partnership can be. You can find the form on the website or here.

Get STEMsational this summer, right at your home – Tinkerly’s Virtual DIY Science Camp What is Atal Tinkering Labs? Know from a trusted vendor.