Discover How Tinkerly’s Coding Courses For Kids Ensure Complete Learning

Do you know that varying the study methods of children can improve their information retention?

Let’s talk about it.

Every child possesses a unique learning style. 

There are some students who get hooked to learning through visuals while others prefer learning- by-doing(Hands-on Learning approach). 

How Many Types Of Learning Styles Are There?

Basically, there are four core learning styles such as:

1. Visual: Some students better understand the concept when it is presented to them in a graphical way such as bar charts, diagrams, symbols, etc. 

2. Auditory: Some students grasp the information better via auditory means. They are referred to as auditory learners. They prefer listening to the concept that is presented by the teacher vocally.

3. Reading & Writing: Some students understand better by taking notes. They will prefer written information on textbooks, worksheets, and other written resources.

4. Kinesthetic: Some students understand better when they actively participate in the activity physically. These are known as Kinesthetic learners and they prefer to do hands-on activities that will engage all of their senses.  

No matter which learning style a student chooses, the end goal should be that they will get complete learning. 

How Tinkerly Provides Complete Learning?

According to the “learning pyramid” developed by the National Training Laboratory, it is suggested that most students remember about 10% of the information gathered from textbooks.

Whereas when they use the learning-by-doing approach, they will have an information retention rate of 75%. Taking a step further, if the students share their knowledge with others, they can retain 90% of the information. 

To know more, watch this informative video given down below:

Tinkerly’s play-based course curriculum is blended with STEM learning kits. These STEM kits help students learn concepts via learning-by-doing. When they carry out STEM activities using the Hands-on learning approach, they will remember the concept for a long time. The Learning Pyramid theory states that the information retention in students through a hands-on learning approach is around 75%.

Tinkerly’s product, the Let’s Tinker App, gives students the ability to share their projects in the community section of the app. This app section unites all the STEM enthusiasts around the world. The Learning Pyramid theory states that the information retention of students is around 90% when they share their knowledge with others 

This way students gain complete learning that promotes deeper understanding and provides better information retention. 

We here at Tinkerly prepare students for a bright future filled with lucrative job opportunities. 


In this blog, we have discussed the various types of learning styles. We also discover how Tinkerly’s coding courses ensure complete learning for young minds.

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