How Artificial Intelligence is Different from Robotics?

When you hear the term Artificial Intelligence what is the first thing that comes into your mind?

Let me guess, a humanoid robot like Terminator, right?

Due to the depiction of AI in fiction movies as robots, we generally assume that AI and robotics are one and the same thing. But it is not entirely true. Both of these are two separate fields of engineering & technology respectively.

Although these two fields can be combined to form an artificially intelligent robot that has the features of both these fields such as artificial intelligence is its brain while robotics acts as its body that will enable it to carry out necessary functions like walk, speak, etc.

We will bust this misconception that AI & Robotics are one and the same thing and will learn about both of these fields separately.

What is Robotics?

It is defined as the field of computer science which involves the design, construction, operation, and development of robots with the objective of helping human beings in completing their work with good efficiency in a lesser amount of time. These robots are programmed by human beings based on the requirement to perform a particular task.

In the above-mentioned photograph, a Girl Interacting with the Robot

The robots are very useful and help people to ease the workload by performing monotonous and repetitive tasks.

Robots are useful in industries to carry out tasks such as packaging, polishing, welding, etc., For an exploration of places that are dangerous and inaccessible to human beings such as Space or Underwater exploration, etc.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science which deals with the development of smart computer programs that are capable of performing tasks without requiring human intervention. With the help of Machine learning and Natural Language processing, the algorithms can learn and modify their actions accordingly based on the input data which they receive from their surroundings.

In the above photo, a theoretical depiction of Artificial Intelligence is shown

Some examples of AI are Facebook recommendation engine, Speech & Handwriting Recognition, etc.

Combination of AI+ Robotics = Artificial Intelligent Robots

With the addition of Artificial Intelligence in the Robots, they are turned into Smart Intelligent Robots. Robots usually have certain limitations and are programmed to carry out a particular set of tasks. But combining the AI with the robot makes it smart and it can take decisions in new situations.

The Artificially Intelligent Robots become more useful by getting equipped with sensors to grasp the information from their environment and store that information for later use and perceive it to learn from that collected information.

Let us assume that you have programmed a robot to assist you by simply picking up clothes from one bucket to another bucket and repeat the task until you stop it.

Now with the addition of AI algorithms and added sensors in the robot, you can assist the robot to separate the dirty clothes with stain marks from the good clothes by training it with machine learning model and Natural language processing(NLP) to carry out its task without human intervention. This type of robot is called an Artificially Intelligent robot and can help you out in many day-to-day activities.

The artificially intelligent robots are useful in the agriculture sector as Agricultural robots which handle important tasks like harvesting crops at higher volumes to assist farmers to ease their workload.
Military applications such as spying through Speech & vision detectors.

In the above-mentioned photograph, a Girl Interacting with the Robot.


Robotics & Artificial Intelligence are two separate things which if combined can make artificially intelligent robots. Robotics basically deals with the creation of physical robots whereas AI is used to provide intelligence to these robots or systems as a whole.

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