Tinkerly’s STEM Quiz Competition- Exciting Way To Test Your Knowledge

In order to ensure that every Kid’s time during this quarantine is better utilized, Tinkerly has come up with a fascinating initiative in the form of a STEM Quiz competition that will provide a good opportunity to young minds to showcase their talent and test their STEM knowledge by participating in this quiz. It also provides the young innovators with an exciting opportunity to win cash prizes & get certifications at the comfort of their home.

How Can You Participate in Tinkerly’s STEM-Q Competition?

 The Registration process for participation in STEM-Q is quite simple. There are two ways for the registration-

1. From Let’s Tinker App/Web

2. Register Directly from Blog

1. Registration From the Let’s Tinker App/Web Portal

 For the first process, all you need to do is just download the free Let’s Tinker App from the play store. After you download the app then click on the Home section of the app and then by clicking on the “3 Parallel line icon” on the top left corner you need to select the “Shop Now” option. When you click on this “Shop Now” option you will be at the Tinkermart section of the app. Then click on the “STEM Q Registration” design and you will then have to pay Rs 11/- only as a registration fee and you are all set. 

Also, you can register from TinkerMart Web Portal. This one is also quite simple. All you need to do is just visit this webpage then go to Tinkermart and you will see a “STEM Q Registration” design and you will then have to pay Rs 11/- only as a registration fee.

Watch this interactive video to get a glimpse of the Tinkerly’s STEM Quiz Competition

2. Register Directly From The Blog

You can also register in this STEM Quiz Competition directly from the blog itself by clicking on the “Enroll Now” button.

So if you are a Science Enthusiast and want to showcase your talent in this Tinkerly’s STEM Quiz Competition then Just Enroll Right Now!

Highlights of the STEM-Quiz Competition

The STEM-Quiz competition with a Theme of Science of Fails is starting from 10th May 2020 from 10 AM onwards on Let’s Tinker App.  The participation fee for the STEM-Q is just Rs. 11/- only. A wonderful opportunity for kids to test their STEM knowledge and a chance to win cash prizes. The Students who will be able to secure top positions across PAN India will stand a chance to win cash prizes up to Rs. 4000/-

The cash prizes depend on which rank the participants have secured in the quiz. 

As for the other students who are able to secure the Top 100 positions will be eligible for getting an Appreciation Certificate.

A Participation Certificate will also be provided to all the participants who will take part in this STEM Quiz Competition.

You can also attempt the Demo Quiz which is bilingual, to participate just log on to the Let’s Tinker App Now!

Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to Earn with the power of your Knowledge!

Flaunt your STEM skills and Get Rich this Quarantine! Enroll Right Now! 

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