Tinkerly’s Exclusive Basics of Programming – Games & Electronics Course

If you want to pursue your career in computer science then it is very important for you to learn about the basics of programming. The Internet is filled with a vast amount of resources for learning programming but choosing the best learning platform is still a challenge. To help you in grasping the concepts of programming in an easy and interactive manner Tinkerly has come up with a special course of  Basics of Programming – Games & Electronics Course. 

With the help of participating in this course, you will be able to brush up your programming skills!

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What are the Basic Details of this Course?

This course offers a perfect environment for learning the basics of programming in a simple and interactive manner. 

It consists of a set of 10+ interactive modules which are designed to give participants a glimpse of the various concepts of programming such as the Introduction to Scratch – which is a block-based visual programming language and its usefulness for young children,  Concept of Type & Variable, Application of loops, etc. 

This course is most suitable for the children of the age group 10+ years.

At the end of each session, the participant has to complete the worksheets & assignments based on the concepts discussed during the module to get the solid foundation of that concept.

A free demo session will be organized on 18th May 2020. 

After the successful completion of this course, a Certificate of participation will be awarded to the participant.

What is so Special About this Course?

The best thing about this course is that the participants need No prior experience in Programming. You will get a chance to learn everything from scratch under the mentorship of IITians. 

You will be able to learn the following after the completion of this course:

  1. Chance to learn how to make a Game and the art of applying animation.
  2. Create an IoT(Internet of Things) project using Scratch.
  3. Learn the method of coding the electronic components with the help of using Scratch Programming.
  4. Discover the ways to build logics to program the electronics components using Scratch. 

Also if you missed any session by mistake then don’t worry! All the recorded sessions are available on the Let’s Tinker App. All you have to do is just download the Let’s Tinker App from the play store. Also by doing this, you can avail a chance to take part in one to one doubt solving sessions at Rs. 99/- per session. 

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Testimonial of Students Who have Participated in Earlier Courses by Tinkerly

Let’s see what these young innovators have to say about their experiences in Tinkerly’s earlier courses.

“I loved the course. It was engaging and fun. The activities were new for me too. Hope to do this sometime again soon.”

Naaisha Jain

“The machine learning course is very much amazing and I also feel interested in it. But I cannot do the assignments because of the online classes and tuitions but I have watched the recordings. When I go for machine learning for kids I feel very much interested in it to train the machine.”


The course is very good.it helped me learn how AI works.
Akash Sharma

What are the Benefits of Participating in this Course?

In this course, the participants will get a chance to learn about the Scratch language which is a wonderful language for kids that will help them in creating stories, animation, and games and turn them into logical thinkers, and also with the help of this visual programming language the child will learn about the basics of programming. 

Children will learn the mechanism of transferring the logic into the code using this Scratch programming language.

Kids will learn skills like logical reasoning, teamwork, problem-solving, and creative thinking. 

If a child learns the Scratch type visual programming language in his early years then he will also be able to learn and understand the programming languages like Java, C++ with ease. 

Your child will learn how to code in a fun & interactive manner. Thereby creating a perfect programming mindset in the kid!

Get your child Future-Ready by learning Visual Programming Language like Scratch from an Early Age! Enroll NOW!

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