Mother’s Day 2022: 6 Tech Creation To Surprise Your Mother

As per famous writer Agatha Christie-

A mother’s love for her child is something like nothing else in this world. It knows no law or pity, it dates all the things and it crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.

Mother’s Day 2022 is just around the corner(Sunday, 8th May 2022)

Mother’s day is the perfect time to show your mother an appreciation for all the things that she has done for you from the day she gave birth to you.

What Type Of Mother’s Day Gift Can You Build For Your Mother?

Listed down below are the gifts that you can build for your mother to multiply the fun of this Mother’s day:

1. Floor Cleaning Robot:

You can create a Floor Cleaning Robot to assist your Mother in keeping the house clean. Take the first step towards cleaning your house with a smart floor cleaning robot that is most suited for household work.

Principal of Working:

This Smart Floor Cleaning Robot is built in such a way that it can move automatically throughout the room. To detect the objects this robot consists of Ultrasonic sensors. The vacuum that is attached to the Smart Floor cleaning robot serves the purpose of cleaning the room floor. The Arduino board which is encapsulated inside the robot is programmed in such a way that the robot follows the zig-zag path that helps to clean the entire room simultaneously. 

Pseudocode for the Running Floor Cleaning Robot:

If the Room Floor is Dirty

Then Clean


Stay Put

2. Smart Shopping App:

Initially, if you want to buy a Saree for your mother you need to consider the following: 

  • What color of Saree does she like?
  • What type of Saree does she like? 
  • Price Range

Visit Shopping Website Like Myntra(or any other website)

If Mother Likes Saree 


Add To Cart


Continue To Search On Other Sites


One other way to do so is that you can build a Smart Shopping App for your Mother with your knowledge of AI & ML that recommends clothes like Saree or Suit based on your mother’s choice. Train the App By Using Various ML Models. For example, showing the images of Sarees that your mother loves by training the app. 

Images of The Following Variety Of Sarees Which Your Mom Like Are Given Down Below:

  • A is Kanjeevaram Saree 
  • B is Nauvari Saree 
  • C is Bandhani Saree 
  • D is Banarsi Saree 

We will use Supervised learning in this case. In the training phase, the App is fed with labeled data sets of various types of Sarees such as Kanjeevaram Saree, Nauvari Saree, Banarsi Saree, etc. This will help to instruct the app system on which output is related to any specific input value.

After the training process is completed, the trained model is checked with the test data of Sarees. If the labeled data of the Saree matches with the data, it will display, “Mother Is Happy” This test will measure the accuracy of the algorithm in case the unlabeled Saree (For example, a Saree such as Chikankari Saree or Bomkai Saree has tested the system will display ” Try New Pattern”

If Mother Chooses From A Subset of Sarees(A, B, C, D) 


Print “Mother Is Happy!”


Print “Trying New Pattern”


3. Food Serving Tray Bot

You can build a Food Serving Tray Bot for your mother that will assist her in serving food at the dinner table.

You can get inspiration from India’s first food serving robot named Butler ‘O’ Bistro(BOB). This fascinating robot is built by 4 robotic enthusiasts. To build this, advanced knowledge of Robotics is required. So, for newbies, it is better to stick with the food serving robot that moves on the table to serve food.

This Bot will automate the Food Serving process. To build this robot, the students will use Arduino Uno with electrical components like BO Motor, IR Sensor, Wheels and Chassis Plate, etc.

If you like this idea of a Food Serving Bot and eager to learn more about it, you can visit the Let’s Tinker App.

By clicking on the image above, you will be redirected to the web version of the Let’s Tinker App.

We have written a blog on the Food Serving Tray, If you want to know about the procedure, then check out this blog here 

PseudoCode For Using Food Serving Tray Bot

If Person Puts His Hand In Front Of The Food Serving Tray Bot


Robot Stops

Pick Food From The Tray


It Will Stay Still


4. Digital Visiting Card 

A mother is a perfect all-rounder who has multiple roles. She is a mother, a wife, a daughter, entrepreneur, accountant and a caretaker of the entire family. For her self-less services to the family, she deserves a visiting card. This Mother’s Day, give recognition to your mother for her dedication and hard work by building a Digital visiting card for her.

You can design a Digital Visiting Card for your Mother to honor all the sacrifices that she has made for you. This will make your Mother feel happy, special, and valued. 

This digital visiting card will showcase her skills and specialty. For example, her skills include Excellent Chef, Outstanding Working- Professional, etc.

5 . Log Book For Your Mother:

As a CEO of the house, Mothers have to take care of day-to-day financial transactions. They have to keep track of Electricity Bills, Cable Bills, Grocery Bills, and other daily utilities. This process is very monotonous and time-consuming.


By using the knowledge of programming, you can easily create a log book for your mother that will help her keep track of all the financial transactions and ease the entire process for her.

6. Robotic Hand With Cardboard:

You have often heard your mother asking your help in picking things which are at higher places. For example, picking the Salt container from high rack in the kitchen. By creating a robotic hand by using home accessories like Cardboard, straw, thread, scissor, scale and pencil along with other things.

Image Source:

To know the entire process of making the robotic arm, click here
This will help your mother a lot in the kitchen and serve as her helping hand in the kitchen.

Summing Up!

The point to be noted here is that to create the cool gifts for Mother’s day that we have mentioned above, one needs to have coding knowledge. If you don’t possess such skills then why don’t you join Tinkerly’s Coding Classes this summer and make the most productive utilization of your time?

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