Let’s Tinker App: 7 Handpicked Activities Which You Can Perform by Using this STEM Learning App Part- II

In Today’s blog, we will discuss some of the handpicked activities which you can perform by using our Let’s Tinker App. All the activities which are discussed below either teach us a cool scientific concept or helps us in creating a system that can make our lives better. 

So, the entire blog is divided into two types of activities- Scientific Concept-Based Activities & Real Life Problem Solving Activities

We are going to talk about each and every activity in great detail so fasten up your seat belts because it’s gonna be a Knowledge- Boosting journey!

Let’s first start with the activities which teach us some type of scientific concept

Scientific Concept-Based Activities

Magic of Attracting Matchsticks

With the help of this activity, you will learn about the scientific concept behind the chemical reaction which is responsible for converting the Non-Magnetic material into the Magnetic material.

How did the Balloon Burst?

This activity will decode the mystery that whenever you squeeze an orange peel into a balloon it will burst it.

Nuts And Winters

This is a special activity that will tell you about the secret superpower of Peanuts and how much energy it contains. It will also demonstrate how this energy can be used as a power source. 

Iron In The Food Vs. Magnet

This interactive activity revolves around the mystery of why magnets attract our food. You will learn a lot of magnetic properties from this activity.

Real-Life Problem Solving Activities

Study Timer Lamp

This activity is very helpful for those who are preparing for competitive exams. With the help of this “Study Lamp Timer,” the students can keep track of time and practice a strategy to answer a question within a specified duration of time. This is an Arduino Uno based activity which is based on creating “A lamp with a 2 Minute Timer” 

Automatic Door Bell With Object Detection

This is the most fantastic and most innovative activity which uses Arduino Uno to build a system in which the doorbell will start ringing whenever it detects a person with the help of using a pair of ultrasonic transmitter & receiver modules. It is a good way to solve doorbell problems that many folks commonly face. 

A Smart Hand Wash System

This activity is the most important and with the help of using Arduino Uno talks about creating a Smart Hand Wash system which helps to avoid the wastage of water in our daily lives. This innovative Smart Hand Wash system only works when it is used by someone.  

So, we have explored the 7 handpicked activities which you can perform by using the activity section of Let’s Tinker App. If you have noticed closely in some of the activities you require the knowledge of Arduino so you can gain this knowledge about Arduino from the course section of the Let’s Tinker App which you can read about in the previous blog of features of Let’s Tinker App.

In the upcoming blog which is the final installment of the blog series we are going to talk about the impact of Let’s Tinker App on young innovators and how much learning hours this app has supplied to the children to spark an interest towards experiential learning!

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