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A complete experiential classroom learning solution for schools to make visualization easier for complex theoretical concepts.

Tinkerly’s Innovation Lab

The earlier approach of traditional learning which is prevalent in many schools is limited to textbook-based learning only. This approach has seen a notable transformation with the introduction of technology in the form of STEM education in India. Many schools have realized the need to revolutionize the Indian education system and understand the importance of making a shift from traditional learning to a practical learning approach. 

So the schools start searching for better learning alternatives that go beyond the curriculum and help in the overall development of their students. One such approach which many schools are considering nowadays is the STEM learning approach which is based on the notion of learning-by-doing.  

What is a STEM Program Learning Approach?

The STEM education in India has challenged the monotony of rote learning in the education system and stirred a revolution of experiential learning in the schools. Many schools have joined this innovative revolution and start carrying out hands-on training & practical sessions for kids. With the growing awareness about this STEM learning model, many schools have shown interest in adopting it. 

Tinkerly’s Innovation Lab for Schools

We here at Tinkerly has come up with an innovative Tinkerly’s Innovation Lab program that will help schools to blend with school’s existing curriculum and encourages teachers to give a demonstration in their regular classroom sessions about the interesting concepts of STEM learning with the help of 70+ Teaching Aids and 20 Do-It-Yourself(DIY) to the students of 6th to 10th grade. 

Our program uses the well- researched 5D model ( See, Touch, Feel, Perform and Understand) for teaching purposes. It covers the curriculum of CBSE, ICSE, and all other Indian examination boards. 

Tinkerly’s Innovation lab has the vision to encourage young innovators and sow the seeds of passion for STEM education in India with the help of providing a fun learning environment, DIY kits, Practice sheets, assessments, and proper guidance to inspire young minds. 

What Tinkerly’s Innovation Lab Consists of?

Tinkerly’s Innovation lab consists of the following things:

  • Exciting fun STEM learning DIY activities
  • Innovative Science Teaching Aids
  • School Benchmarking
  • Short training videos which are available with Mobile App
  • Report on every kid in each class
  • Remedial Training, guidance & support
  • On-site & Centralized training sessions
  • Mapped with class 6th-10th student’s curriculum
  • All Indian examination boards e.g CBSE, ICSE

Product Features of Innovation Lab

Tinkerly’s Innovation lab consists of different STEM learning products for teachers & students. 

For Teachers, the innovation lab provides teaching aid, a dedicated mobile app, a teacher’s training program, etc. 

For Students, the innovation lab provides practice sheets, Science DIY kit, assessment, and 13x 7 support and guidance 

Why Tinkerly’s Innovation lab is a Good Choice for you?

Tinkerly believes in the power of learning-by-doing and learning with others and provides a set of comprehensive end to end solutions designed for schools. By being a part of Tinkerly’s Innovation lab students can turn their creative ideas into reality and will be able to learn and visualize better by engaging in fun learning DIY activities.  

The Innovation Lab provides a unique STEM program based curriculum along with teaching aids, DIY kits, practice sheets, a dedicated mobile app and other assessments that will challenge the young innovators to learn and perform better.  The teaching aids are based on the notion of learning-by-doing and are completely mapped with the school’s curriculum in accordance with the National Curriculum Framework(NCF) guidelines. 

How Does Tinkerly’s Innovation Lab Work?

Tinkerly’s objective is to create a fun learning environment for young innovators that will spark creativity and bring out their true potential. The teachers in their regular classrooms can use our products like teaching aids and DIY kits to make STEM education in India more entertaining and valuable. As a part of this program, the students are provided with two volumes of practice sheets and a set of three assessments in a year that will help to test their learning potential and provide them with detailed analytical performance report cards. 

How to Set Up a Tinkerly’s Innovation Lab at School?

If a school is interested in setting up Tinkerly’s Innovation lab then they can write to us at for more information about the cost or give us a call at 9587884145 for more details regarding the set-up of an Innovation Lab.

At present, the innovation lab is designed only for the students of Class 6th to 10th. 

What Type of Benefits Tinkerly’s Innovation Lab Offers to Students?

The students will get a chance to learn the following things:

  • Develop a solid foundation of STEM learning at an early age
  • Learn alternative ways of understanding some concepts i.e learn-by-doing.
  • Teach the innovative ways of problem-solving.
  • Getting them job-ready for the future by teaching them useful skills.
  • Making them capable of solving real-life problems by inducing good technical skills.
  • Make them better decision-makers of tomorrow. 
  • Understand complex science concepts with ease and interest. 
  • Improves visualization and imaginative power of the young innovator

Tinkerly’s Innovation Lab is a wonderful STEM learning approach that makes learning fun. It also issues a report card that will help the teacher to assess the student’s performance throughout the session and make a list of things that the kid needs to improve in order to perform better. There is also a facility of the principal dashboard that will allow effective monitoring with unlimited support and guidance. 

So you have learned about the benefits of opting for Tinkerly’s Innovation lab.

So,  what are you waiting for? 

Don’t miss this opportunity & let’s innovate with Tinkerly’s Innovation Lab

Give us a chance to lead you into the bright future of Experiential Learning!

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Tinkerly’s  Innovation Lab is a comprehensive end to end solution designed for schools. It is an amalgamation of innovative and unique science curriculum mapped teaching aids, DIY Kits, Practice Sheets, Mobile Application and Assessments. The teaching aids are focused on “Learning by Doing” methodology and completely mapped with your school’s curriculum based on the NCF guidelines.

Tinkerly’s aim is to make a fresh, innovative and inspiring science ambiance in the space, which boosts creativity and innovation. We provide teaching aids, and DIY Kits which teachers can use in their classrooms to make science classes more informative, interesting and fun. As a part of this program the students are given two volumes of practice sheets and three assessments in a year, to test their learning and give them a detailed analytical performance report cards.

You can write to us at or call us at +91-9587884145 for details regarding setting up an innovation lab. We will provide the information according to your requirements.

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Yes, the innovation lab is a renewable program.

Not Currently.

Currently, the Innovation Lab is designed for students of Grade 6 to 10.

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