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A complete experiential classroom learning solution for schools to make visualization easier for complex theoretical concepts.

Tinkerly Innovation Lab For Schools

In the last few decades, the Indian education ecosystem has seen a paradigm shift. The way we learn science in the classroom has evolved from viewing a diagram on a simple blackboard or textbook to watching a 3D animated video in the smart class. But to understand and adapt science without mugging up the fundamentals, calculations & formals, needs experience and the real experience comes from live experiments.

Without going to conventional Physics/Chemistry labs or spending an extra period every day for activities, Tinkerly’s Innovation Lab program blends with school’s existing curriculum and allows teachers to demonstrate typical concepts of science during their regular classroom sessions via 70+ Teaching Aids and 20 Do It Yourself (DIY) for grade 6th-10th.

The program uses a well-researched 5D (see, touch, feel, perform and understand) pedagogy, that complements experiential learning. It is mapped with the curriculum of CBSE, ICSE and all other Indian examination boards. 21st-century challenges and Tinkerly’s Innovation Lab is the future of how GenZ is going to learn in an environment that fosters their creativity and boosts their intelligence.

Tinkerly’s Innovation Lab (IL) includes:

  • Innovative Science Teaching Aids
  • Exciting DIY Activites
  • Short Training Videos via Android App
  • Periodic track of growth in learning outcomes
  • Report on every child and each class
  • Remedial training and support
  • On-site and Centralized training sessions
  • School Benchmarking
  • Mapped with the curriculum of grade 6th-10th
  • All examination boards viz. CBSE, ICSE, Cambridge etc.

Tinkerly hopes to encourage students to develop a passion for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) by starting them young and engaging them with cool, new learning methods, aides, DIY kits, Practice sheets, assessment and guidance to inspire and nurture innovation.

In Tinkerly’s Innovation lab, they shift from solely direct instruction to learning-by-doing and learning with others. The teacher guides the students while they see, touch, feel, perform and understand complex science concepts with interest. With Tinkerly’s Innovation Lab, students are exploring, brainstorming, creating, discussing, presenting and sharing their expertise to their global peers.

The comprehensive set of worksheets and activities allow students to learn and visualize better. The report cards allow teachers to assess overall class and individual performance. Lastly, Principal dashboards allow effective monitoring with unlimited support.

Tinkerly’s Innovation Lab helps students turn their creative ideas into reality and dive them into the pool of practical learning.

What are you waiting for? Be a 21st-century learner and let’s innovate with Tinkerly’s Innovation Lab.

We’re ready to lead you into the future of innovative learning.

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Tinkerly’s  Innovation Lab is a comprehensive end to end solution designed for schools. It is an amalgamation of innovative and unique science curriculum mapped teaching aids, DIY Kits, Practice Sheets, Mobile Application and Assessments. The teaching aids are focused on “Learning by Doing” methodology and completely mapped with your school’s curriculum based on the NCF guidelines.

Tinkerly’s aim is to make a fresh, innovative and inspiring science ambiance in the space, which boosts creativity and innovation. We provide teaching aids, and DIY Kits which teachers can use in their classrooms to make science classes more informative, interesting and fun. As a part of this program the students are given two volumes of practice sheets and three assessments in a year, to test their learning and give them a detailed analytical performance report cards.

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Yes, the innovation lab is a renewable program.

Not Currently.

Currently, the Innovation Lab is designed for students of Grade 6 to 10.

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