How to Fill The Documentation After The School Gets Selected for Atal Tinkering Lab Grant?

In the month of December, NITI Aayog has issued a new list of 6038 selected schools across India whose request for the ATL lab grant is accepted. After this documentation process, the schools will receive the funds for the set-up of the Atal Tinkering Lab on their premises. So it is very crucial to fill this document with full concentration so that you will not forget about anything worth mentioning in the document. 

Now before starting the process of filling out the documentation form of the AIM website you need to make a list of documents that you are going to need in the whole process. Prepare the documents soft copy by scanning them and saving in the PDF format. 

What type of documents do you need to get ready before starting the documentation process?

1. Letter of Space Confirmation/Letter of Declaration/Letter of Principal

This letter is available on the AIM website you can download it from here.

This letter is very crucial and it tells the NITI Aayog that your school has required built-up space (1500 sq feet for Plain areas & 1000 Sq feet for hill and Island located schools) for Atal Tinkering Lab. You need to print this letter on your school Letterhead. 

This letter signifies that you are giving confirmation to NITI Aayog that your school has an allocated built-up space required for the Atal Tinkering Lab. The letter must be signed & sealed with a school stamp by the Principal or Head of the school.

2. Create a separate bank account for ATL 

As mentioned in the AIM guidelines you need to create a separate bank account for ATL. This bank account must only include all the transactions related to the Atal Tinkering Lab.  For example, if your school name is XYZ Public School so you need to open the bank account as XYZ Public School-ATL Grant. You need to scan the first page of this bank account passbook and convert it into PDF format. 

3. Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)

You need to prepare MOA. This is also available on the AIM website click here. Every page of this MOA must be signed & sealed with a school stamp by the Principal. You need to scan it and convert it into pdf format.

4. ATL Lab layout 

You have to give an Atal Tinkering Lab layout for your school. In this, you need to create a diagram for the ATL lab that you wish to set-up at your school. You need to give all the details about the Atal Tinkering Lab structure which you are going to implement at your school.  Upload the lab layout in the PDF format. 

5. Bond Form

 Government schools do not want to submit the Bond form. It is only for Private Schools. You can download the bond form from the AIM website.

You need to use a minimum of Rs 10 stamp paper for this bond form. It must also be  signed & sealed with school stamp by the school Principal/Head of the school

6. Income Tax Exemption Form

If your school is exempted from the Income-tax then you need to fill the form of Income Tax Exemption Form and upload the Pdf copy in the document.

7. School’s Pan Card Copy

You need a  scanned PDF format School’s  PAN card copy.

So all these above-mentioned documentation you need to prepare before filling the documentation form.

How to fill out the documentation Form?

The schools which are selected among the 6038 schools can log in the website from this link

You are now at the official AIM(Atal Innovation Website) now at the home page you need to enter the details like Udise Code, Official Email Id of School and an ATL Unique code which is given by the NITI Aayog during the completion of the registration process. 

If you want a better understanding of this whole Documentation Process in a video format and step by step manner then you can check out this video.

For helping you we have also designed a step by a step video tutorial for you in the Hindi language as well.

When you submit then you will head to the documentation page.

Page -1 

You need to enter details like School’s basic information & contact information, Principal information & contact details, ATL Incharge Information & Contact details. Save all this information.


You need to enter the PFMS Details i.e the separate bank details which are created for Atal Tinkering Lab transaction

 You need to add necessary details about that ATL transaction-based bank account such as Bank Name, IFSC Code, Account number, Bank Account holder name i.e Principal or Head of the school. Then you need to upload the first page of the bank passbook in pdf format by scanning. 


You need to upload the Letter of Space Confirmation/Letter of Declaration/Letter of Principal in the pdf format. 

Page -4

You need to upload the document of the Atal Tinkering Lab layout. 

Page 5

Upload the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) which must be signed and sealed with a school stamp on every page.

Page 6

You need to fill out PAN Details of the school, Agency type of school ( Govt or Private) and school registration-related information. 

Also, you need to enter Principal contact details and  Aadhar no. 

If your school is  exempt from income tax  then you need to upload an Income tax Exemption form for school otherwise just choose “NO” from the dialog box

Also, the School PAN card details must be filled and uploaded in PDF format. 

Final Page

You need to upload the bond form if your school is private. For Govt. The school there is no Bond Form.  

After filling everything click on Final submit and your documentation process is now complete. 

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