Robotics for Kids: How To Build A Hands-free Cleaning System For Free

Get ready to be amazed! We are back with yet another cool robotics-based project for kids based on the hands-free cleaning system. This robotics project will help you in making a system that will clean your work table or floor automatically. This robotics project for kids uses an Arduino board and various electronic components to build a hands-free cleaning system. 

 So, read this blog to acquire knowledge about the process of building a hands-free cleaning system for free!

What Is The Purpose Of Using A Hands-free Cleaning System?

To understand the purpose of a hands-free cleaning system, we need to consider the following example. 

Suppose there is a girl named Shruti. She used to assist her mom by cleaning the floor. One day she got injured, and the doctor advised her to take bed rest. Since she is unwell, therefore she is not able to assist her mom in cleaning the house. That makes her very sad. She starts thinking about how she can help her mother with the house cleaning. 

She has come up with an innovative idea that can help out her mother in the cleaning process. By using her knowledge along with the help of one of her friends, Sid, she decided to build a robotics project based on a hands-free cleaning system. This system will help her mother by cleaning the floor or table automatically. 

By clicking on the image above, you will be redirected to the web version of the Let’s Tinker App.

So, you must be interested in knowing how Shruti built this robotics project for kids. Shruti is an avid user of the Let’s Tinker App. This app is a free STEM learning app that consists of lots of cool STEM learning activities that will teach you interesting STEM concepts in an easy and interactive manner. 

What Is The Procedure Of Making This Robotics For Kids Project?

The main objective of creating this robotics project for kids is to keep your table or floor neat and tidy by wiping out dust particles automatically. Before we start, we need to arrange the equipment that we will use in this robotics project for kids.

The equipment that we will require in this project are listed down below:

  1. Arduino Board
  2. Servo Motor
  3. Jumper Wires
  4. Battery
  5. USB cable
  6. Connecting wires

Now, let’s talk about the construction process of this robotics-based project of the hands-free cleaning system. To know the entire process in detail, click on the image given down below:

By clicking on the image above, you will be redirected to the web version of the Let’s Tinker App.


In this blog, we have learned how to build a hands-free cleaning system. We also learned about its real-life application of cleaning the dust and other impurities from the floor automatically.  Stay tuned for our upcoming blog based on a new robotics-based project for kids.

Meanwhile, You can download the Let’s Tinker App and visit its activity section. There you can watch some mind-blowing STEM learning videos for free that will enhance your STEM knowledge.

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