How Tinkerly’s Hands-on Coding Course Can Spark Your Kid’s Interest in Coding?

We live in a society where technology plays an important role in our day-to-day lives. Technology has improved our way of life and made it more comfortable. It is high time that we introduce this concept of technology to our young generation from an early age. 

In their early years, each child has a curious nature. If we fuel that curiosity in the right direction then we are doing them a big favour.

You must be wondering how can you do that, right?

Well, the answer is simple by teaching them how to Code.

Coding helps kids understand how they can build and control their Next Gen projects. This way they will give a contribution to society and make their parents proud. 

Keeping this in mind, a Jaipur-based Startup Tinkerly has come up with a unique idea of Hands-on Coding classes blended with STEM Toys which can jump-start your child’s interest in coding and make them future-ready with their play-based curriculum curated by a team of IITians.

What Are The Key Features of Tinkerly’s Hands-On Coding Course?

Tinkerly offers an affordable STEM & Coding Course which contains the grade-wise concepts of logic building, Coding AI, Robotics & IoT specially designed for the students of classes 1 to 12. The entire course curriculum is divided into four major Grade levels such as Grade (1-3), Grade (4-6), Grade (7-8), and Grade (8+). Each Grade level contains two special types of class packages such as Learner (Foundational Learning class package) and Achiever( Special Class Package with Interactive STEM Learning Kit).

Let’s get a brief idea about these 2 Major class packages!

Learner Package: It is a pretty basic foundational learning package. The student who opts for this package will get access to 8 recorded lessons on the Let’s Tinker App using which they can learn at their own pace anytime, anywhere. They will also get 3 Live 1:1 sessions with expert educators as a part of this class package. 

Achiever Package: This special class package takes the learning journey of the kids a step ahead of the Learner Package. This package starts with providing foundational learning, followed by simulation-based projects, and then progresses into teaching the craft of real-life tangible projects which are based on the concept of robotics, IoT, and AI. The student who opts for this package will get access to 24 recorded lessons on the Let’s Tinker App using which they can learn at their own pace anytime, anywhere.

They will also get 9 Live 1:1 sessions with expert educators as a part of this class package. The biggest perk of choosing the Achiever Package is that it includes a special offering of STEM kit that will promote experiential learning among the students. 

What Makes Tinkerly’s Coding Course Different From Other Online Courses?

1. Play-Based Curriculum Blended With STEM Toys

The unique feature which differentiates Tinkerly’s course from other courses is the addition of interactive STEM Kits in their play-based curriculum. The company offers 3 types of STEM Learning kit which are given down below:

1. IoT Learning

2. AI Learning

3. Basic Science Exposure Kit

Depending upon the grade level of the students these interactive kits are offered to the students who enroll for the Achiever Class package. These kits are developed in-house by the Tinkerly team.

2. Parent-friendly Course Subscription

This course offers parents a choice to choose the most appropriate class packages for their kids according to their grade level. They have an option to schedule a Free Demo session for their kids to get a sneak peek about the course. The parents will also get a chance to cancel the subscription anytime within the first two weeks or they can also downgrade to other packages i.e from Achiever to Learner Class package. The parents who will choose to opt for the course will get lifetime free access to various projects, community learning, and uninterrupted support on its Let’s Tinker App. 

3. Offers Learning Flexibility to Students

The course follows a flipped learning approach, the students can learn from the recorded lessons which are available on the Let’s Tinker App, and do the doubt-solving in the Live 1:1 sessions which are conducted by the expert educators. In this way, the student will become independent learners and if they need any kind of assistance they also have an option to ask their doubts by leaving the queries in the support section of the app.

The expert educators will go through this query and will take a dedicated online 1:1 live session for the child to resolve their doubts and also revise the topic as a whole.

4. Takes the Learning Beyond the Screens

The play-based course curriculum is not only limited to the digital platforms but also take the learning journey beyond the screens with the help of interactive STEM toys. It helps to limit the screen time of students by over 50%. With the help of these STEM Learning Kits, the students will get a chance to learn about the practical applications of innovative technologies like AI, IoT, robotics. Under the guidance of expert educators,the young minds will learn to build their Next Gen projects that are capable of solving Real-world problems.

Summing Up!

We have discussed the important features of Tinkerly’s Hands-On Coding course which has the full potential of sparking your child’s interest in Coding. So What are you all waiting for? Jump-start your child’s interest in the exciting world of Hands-on Coding blended with STEM Toys  & make them future-ready! Book a FREE Demo & Get Certified Today! Visit

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