How ATL Artificial Intelligence Step-Up Modules will be Helpful for School Students?

In order to make school students aware about the advance technologies like AI(Artificial Intelligence) and its practical usage in our daily lives, NITI Aayog’s Atal Innovation Mission(AIM) in collaboration with National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) has launched AI step-up modules for all the students across the country. This new “ATL AI Step-Up Module” is a successor to the AI Base module which was launched in February of this year. The AI Base module is an introductory and simple module that is designed for young students to give them an idea about artificial intelligence with the help of engaging them with AI demos and interactive applications. 

The AI Base module can be accessed on the official AIM website. 

What are the Highlights of the ATL AI Step-Up Module?

The main objective of the ATL AI Step-Up Module is to challenge the students and spread innovation among the students. 

Given below are some of the features offered by ATL AI Step-Up Module

1. AI Knowledge Base Expansion

 The AI Step-Up Module consists of a set of Learn-it-yourself advanced modules that are specially designed for those students who want to expand their knowledge base after learning about the basics of Artificial Intelligence(AI) with the help of the previously launched AI Base Module in the Month of February 2020.

2. Deeper Understanding of AI

The students will get a chance to develop a solid foundation and a deeper understanding of the AI fundamentals which they can in the real world scenarios with the help of hands-on projects and interactive activities. 

3. User-Friendly Design 

The AI Step-Up Module is designed in such an attractive graphical manner that all the students belonging to rural and urban areas will be able to understand the entire module in an easy and interactive manner. 

4. No Prior Knowledge Required

The students do not need any previous knowledge of AI with the Step-Up module as this module teaches the students about the concept from the basics with the help of using interactive tools and exciting activities that will provide a deeper understanding of the topic. 

5. Contributions from IITs

In the development of the AI Step-Up Module, various types of elite academic institutions including IITs have made contributions to the development of these modules. 

The AI Step-Up module can be accessed on the official AIM website. 

What Will be the Benefits of AI Step-Up Modules for Students?

The AI Step-Up module is a wonderful step that will help in creating a workforce which has a sound knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and will be able to create AI integrated innovations

Given below are some of the benefits offered by AI STep-Up modules for the students

1. Getting Them Ready for Professional Life

The students while engaging with this module will get a chance to learn or enhance valuable 21st-century skills like logical thinking, critical thinking, computational thinking, problem-solving, digital literacy, coding, etc that are going to help the students throughout their lives and especially in their professional life. 

2. Future Job Opportunities

As per the report from the World Economic Forum (WEF),  It is predicted that Artificial Intelligence(AI) can create almost 58 million new jobs in the next few years. Thus it is very essential to learn about the real-world implementation of AI from an Early age to secure a good career option for the future. 

3. AI Brings out the creativity in Students

While the students work on AI-based applications they will use their creativity and innovative ideas to come up with new ways of solution. It helps them to analyze the situation and deduce alternative solutions on the basis of it. AI also helps to improve the comprehension abilities among students. 

4. Develops Strong Foundation of AI 

The students will get a chance to learn about AI(Artificial Intelligence) from an early age and they will get a better understanding of it. They will be able to pinpoint the areas which require AI’s implementation and develop solutions that will benefit society and make everybody’s life better.  

What are Some of the Other Ways to Enhance AI learning Among Students?

The Internet is filled with any valuable resources that will help you in learning the concept of Artificial Intelligence. There are many STEM learning apps that provide good knowledge of AI. Let’s Tinker App is among one of these apps which gives access to a recorded session based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) along with containing other sessions on advanced technologies like IoT(Internet of Things), Product Design, Rapid Prototyping, etc. and it is a goldmine of STEM KNowledge. 

To know more about the Let’s Tinker App have a look at this introductory video. 

Apart from the interactive STEM Learning App Tinkerly offers a special product Troot which is India’s First Artificial Intelligence learning STEM toy which targets the kids of 8+ years.

With the help of Troot, the children can build amazing electronics prototypes and can train and play with their own AI creation. To know more about Troot, Click here 


We have discussed the features of  ATL AI Step-Up Modules and their advantages on the students and the reason why there is a need for AI implementation. We also learn how we can enhance AI learning among students beyond classrooms and through other means. The best takeaway from all this is that the world is continuously changing and in order to keep up with the world we need to change too thus learning about technologies like AI(Artificial Intelligence) is a very good step. 

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