Make Your Kid Fall In Love With Hands-On Coding!

Young minds love to explore new things. They are driven by curiosity and their thirst for seeking knowledge. Although, every child has a unique set of interests. The common thing which most of the kids love to indulge in is playing their favorite video games. The video games can keep them hooked for hours. 

Why do kids love to play video games?

The answer is quite simple. 

They love to play video games because it is a fun & engaging activity. The other reason can be that while playing video games, the kids have full control over their game plan. They enjoy facing challenges while playing the game. Also, the whole video game’s environment is based on real-life complex scenarios so they can relate to it.

Now let’s imagine a situation! What if we add the fun ingredients like the video games in the Coding classes so that kids will enjoy and learn at the same time. 

Keeping this in mind, Tinkerly has designed a unique course offering that provides kids with interactive Online Coding classes blended with the goodness of Interactive STEM toys.

What Makes Tinkerly’s STEM & Coding Course Most Suitable For Children?

In comparison to other courses, Tinkerly’s course offers the following advantages that are listed down below:

1. Encourage Independent Learning

The course offers two main class packages- Learner(Foundational Learning) & Achiever(Advanced Learning). The students who opt for any of the 2 class packages will get access to recorded lessons on the Let’s Tinker App. The students can self-learn by watching these lessons as per their convenience. They enjoy learning flexibility and also become independent learners. Also, there is an option of seeking help with the help of the “Support” section of the app using which the students can drop their queries which they have encountered while watching the lessons. The expert educators will provide the required solutions. They will discuss the topic in their scheduled 1:1 live online classes with the students. 

2. Takes Learning Beyond The Screens

The thing that makes Tinkerly’s course unique from others is the STEM Learning kit that is a part of their play-based course curriculum. The students who choose the Achiever class package will get access to the STEM Learning kit depending upon their grade levels. With the help of using these STEM learning kits, the students learn the craft of hands-on learning and discover a revolutionary way of learning beyond the screens. It also helps students to reduce their overall screen-time by 50 percent. They can carry out various STEM activities and challenges using the components of these STEM learning kits.   

3. Child-friendly & Affordable Course

In comparison to other high-priced courses, Tinkerly’s STEM & Coding course is affordable. The parents also have privileges such as upgrading(Learner to Achiever) or downgrading(Achiever to Learner) to a class package. It also provides parents with an option to cancel the course subscription within the first two weeks if they find it not up to the mark. The parents can decide on a course subscription by scheduling a Free Demo right now !

What Are The Advantages Of Enrolling In Tinkerly’s Hands-On Coding Classes?

Listed below are the advantages of enrolling in the course for the kids:

1. They will gain early exposure to the grade-wise logic building concept of AI(Artificial Intelligence), IoT(Internet Of Things), and Robotics at the comfort of their homes. 

2. They can seize the perfect opportunity to bring their creative ideas to life using their acquired knowledge from the play-based course curriculum. 

3. The students will learn 21st-century skills such as algorithmic thinking, computational thinking, analytical thinking, better decision-making abilities, problem-solving, good communication skills, etc. 

4. They will understand the practical aspects of how things work in real-life scenarios and get a solid foundation in STEM from an early age. 

5. Carrying out STEM activities and challenges will boost their self-confidence and spark their interest in the STEM field. 

6. They will create tangible Next-generation projects that possess the power to solve Real-world issues and can make their parents proud by contributing to society.

Summing Up!

We have discussed how Tinkerly’s STEM & Coding course can engage young minds in productive STEM-based activities and give them early exposure to Hands-on Coding.  To gain more information about Tinkerly’s Course Offerings, schedule a Free Demo Now

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