Coding for Kids Part-3: Why it is Important for Kids to Learn About the Algorithms?

We are living in a digital era and our modern technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Our next generation of kids is lucky enough to be born into this digital era as they get access to gadgets like smartphones, tablets from an early age. They just need to utilize this to their advantage. They need to transition from passive users of technology to active users of technology. One way of doing it is to harness the power of the Algorithm building. 

In this 3rd part of the Coding for Kid’s blog series, we are going to talk about the importance of learning Algorithms and the various types of benefits offered by it. 

Let’s first understand what an algorithm actually is!

What Do You Mean by an Algorithm?

In simple words, an algorithm is defined as a set of well defined step-by-step process which must be followed in order to accomplish a particular task or in order to solve a particular problem. The students can write algorithms that will instruct the computer about how to perform a particular task. The algorithms can be written in the form of pseudocode, flow charts or programming languages

How Can You Encourage Your Kids to Learn about the Algorithm?

You can start by teaching your kids about how everything we do in our daily lives can be written down in the form of an algorithm. By using the real-life elements to explain an Algorithm process, the kids will be able to understand the concept in a  much better way. The activities we perform in our daily lives like brushing teeth, eating cereal, etc. can be used for making an algorithm. For Example, take the case of eating cereal:

A Sample Algorithm of Eating Cereal

Step1: Gather items such as bowl, spoon, milk, a box of cereal.

Step:2 Get your bowl and add cereal into it.

Step: 3 After that add milk into it.

Step:4 Use your spoon and enjoy eating!

Remember to challenge your kids to be more specific with the instructions as possible. Make them understand that the computers do not possess the ability to understand their intentions so they need to precisely define each step of the algorithm otherwise there might be a chance of error.

How Kids Can Start Learning Algorithm Coding?

Given below are some of the most useful ways using which the kids can start learning algorithm coding:

1. The first step which the kids need to develop is Logical thinking and programming logic. 

2. Then they have to choose a programming language. 

3. After that, they need to learn about the Data Structures and get a strong grip on the basic topics such as arrays, lists, strings, etc. and then learn about more advanced topics like trees, graphs, etc. as well.

4. The next step will be to get themselves familiar with simple algorithms and then move on the other types of algorithms when they get a good grip on it. After getting a good grip on algorithms, the students can start developing their own algorithms.

What are the Advantages of Using Algorithms?

Given below are some of the advantages which are offered by learning algorithms:

Provides Clarity about the Entire Process

With the help of using algorithms, a detailed process is presented in a well defined step-by-step manner. The student can be easily able to identify errors and limitations in the whole process and will be able to modify it as per their needs and requirements. 

Teaches Valuable Skills

With the help of learning about the algorithm, the kids will develop a strong foundation in the programming skills and also get a chance to learn about valuable skills of logical thinking & problem solving which goes beyond the computer code. 

Develop Pattern Recognition

When the students learn about many different algorithms they start developing pattern recognition skills which helps them to identify a pattern in the problem statement and gives them an ability to solve the problem by relating it to the previously solved problems. 

Better Decision-Making Process

Having a good understanding of the algorithm building provides help in understanding the nature of the problem at a deeper level and on the basis of it the students can harness the power of better decision-making in order to solve any particular problem. 


Thus we have discussed what algorithm is and how we can encourage kids to learn about the algorithm and the benefits offered by it. In a nutshell, having knowledge of Algorithms will add efficiency to the coding.

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